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10 Best Inflatable Car Air Mattress in 2024

If you love hiking, camping, or road trips, then an inflatable car mattress can come really handy. They are comfortable and accommodate two or more people perfectly. In fact, these mattresses are perfect to cut your lodging bills or get some sound sleep while camping. Furthermore, they are perfect for ensuring a safe place for your kids to sleep. Easy to inflate and deflate, you will have no trouble in using them. Plus, you can always choose the right one that fits your car perfectly.

Going for a long journey with pals? Need a leak-proof inflatable car air mattress? All the suggestions are down below and you are never going to feel like returning these valuable products.

List of Best Inflatable Car Air Mattress Review

10. Zone Tech Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Zone Tech Best Inflatable Car Air Mattress

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Once you get this product, you will not have to worry about purchasing any extra accessories. Everything you can possibly need comes in the package itself. The product involves a patching kit, in case any tear holes appear in the future for any accident. Moreover, the mattress even has its very own carrying pouch. Hence, allows you to carry everything in an organized manner while traveling.

Besides, the product has great weight holding capacity as well. The mattress is able to house two adults at the same time with ease.

Key Features

  • Since the product has a universal fit, you do not have to worry about the size of your car.
  • Because of its outer fabric, the product can be used in a number of different settings.
  • The fabric after deflating is washable as well to keep things hygienic.

9. Sibosen Inflatable Car Air Mattress


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For the ones who have a larger SUV with more space to fill in, this can make a great choice. The product is a good 180cm long, leaving no hard surface unattended, so you can easily sleep in your car when you are traveling or relaxing. Further, this product will practically take no time to get inflated with the pump provided with the product. The pump will also save your breath, as all the manual job is done by the pump.

This mattress comprises as many as 5 different air chambers. As a result, are inflated on different levels to cater to varying needs. The product has an anti-collision design. This will protect your child’s head even if they are sleeping at the back.

Key Features

  • The wave design has been intentionally given on the mattress. This helps to maintain the shape of the product.
  • Comfort is vital when air mattresses are concerned. Hence, this item uses skin-friendly material.
  • The air pump comes with 3 different types of nozzles.

8. Olivia & Aiden Air Mattress

OLIVIA & AIDEN Best Inflatable Car Air Mattress

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When it comes to comfort, this product remains truly unbeatable, taking various factors into consideration while designing the product. The mattress includes the added perk of inflatable U-shaped pillows. Hence, gives the required to both your neck as well as your head. Also, a special front seat protection item is added to the set. This makes sure you do not go and hit your nose against the front seat, while you are trying to catch some hours.

On top of that, the mattress has the advantage of balance support. These help to hold increased weight without any problem.

Key Features

  • This product is compatible with all types of cars, so you do not have to stress about that.
  • The gas nozzle has a double seal in order to avoid any sort of leakage.
  • Because of the use of heavy-duty PVC, the item proves to be extremely durable.

7. Onirii Inflatable Car Air Mattress


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With this product, you will be able to endure a good night’s sleep without fail. The package not only includes the standard pillow but even things like a neck pillow. Hence, makes sure your neck does not get strained in an awkward position when you are trying to sleep. If you want to take a nap in a noisy place, the also has earplugs. It will block out any unwanted noises from interrupting your sleep.

Furthermore, this product has a child headgear in the design. Interestingly, this ensures the safety of your children while they snooze.

Key Features

  • This item is available in 3 different sizes to suit all types of cars without any fitting issues.
  • With the help of the eye mask, no strong sunlight will be able to interrupt your sleep.
  • The air pump can be used to inflate other products as well.

6. Grassman Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Grassman Best Inflatable Car Air Mattress

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This product allows you a bit of flexibility to suit the item according to your personal comfort. The design has a foot pier, which can be inflated depending on the height you prefer for the mattress. Moreover, the top surface of the mattress is waterproof. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any drink spills ruining your trip anymore.

A quick wipe takes care of any trouble. Besides, because of the presence of double valves, no air will be able to leak out of the mattress while you are trying to inflate the item.

Key Features

  • The wave structure of the design offers ergonomic comfort no matter where you are.
  • Upon deflation, the product becomes really compact, hardly taking up any space when not in use.
  • You can take assurance that safe PVC is used for the mattress. Hence, you do not have any adverse effects on your body.

5. Haitral Inflatable Air Mattress


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If functionality alone will not quite cut the deal for you, this mattress has got a little more up its sleeve. The mattress allows you a selection of 3 chic colors that you can choose from to suit your car. More than that, this mattress makes use of PVC which is environment friendly. Hence, no allergies or rashes will bother you.

The air pump provided with the mattress comprises 3 different types of nozzles. This allows you to apply the pump is much more than just this mattress. Since the mattress is foldable, it will take even lesser space in travel.

Key Features

  • With the repair patch kits, you will be able to take care of any emergency holes wherever you are.
  • The pump with this item works both as an inflator as well as a deflator.
  • To take care of your spine health, the product applies a curved design.

4. KingCamp Inflatable Car Air Mattress

KingCamp Best Inflatable Car Air Mattress

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This product makes use of the best possible resources in order to provide you with the very best out there. The air mattress has a flocking surface which turns out to be really touch-friendly. Because of this, the material becomes really breathable. As a result, you use it throughout all the seasons without any discomfort.

Besides, the bottom of this mattress has been thoughtfully given a non-slip surface. Hence, the mattress will stay in its place while you catch a nap.

Key Features

  • The product weighs no more than 4.8lbs, making it a breeze to carry the item from one place to another.
  • With the added bonus of the carry bag with the handles, this mattress becomes truly portable.
  • More importantly, it weighs only 2.2 kgs. So, you will have no trouble in carrying it.

3. VaygWay Inflatable Car Air Mattress


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Quality is given special importance when it comes to this product. High-grade Oxford fabric is employed for the material of the mattress. This material has great sturdiness, giving the mattress an exceptional tensile strength. Also, the fabric turns out to be moisture-proof. Hence, keeping it comfortable and dry, by wicking away any sweat during the sultry summer days.

The product also sports the exclusive feature of friction resistance. Besides, because of the moisture-proof feature, this item only needs a good wipe to stay clean. Thus, your maintenance hassle is as minimal as possible.

Key Features

  • You also get two pillows to rest your head on with this mattress.
  • The material is also washable, so you do not have to worry about any ugly stains.
  • The special design of the item also remembers to accommodate the center console.

2. Saygogo Air Mattress

SAYGOGO Best Inflatable Car Air Mattress

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While other mattresses have a 2 layer leak-proof design, this mattress goes a step further to make sure no air can come out as you sleep on the mattress. The product boasts a 3 layer design. Moreover, this mattress has a honeycomb design on the surface of the product. This gives added ergonomic relief as you lie down on this mattress.

As a matter of fact, the PVC material is not only long-lasting in the long run, but it also makes the mattress feel cool. Therefore, making it even more comfortable for sleeping.

The mattress is divided into as many as 6 different inflatable compartments. These all make use of different levels of inflation, in order to provide support to your body like never before. With the backseat support, the mattress gets stable and secure support to withstand heavy loads.

Key Features

  • The stitching has been done very carefully on this mattress to avoid any chances of leaking.
  • In case you need a bit of guidance with the air pump, the package comes with an instruction manual. This guides you through each step.
  • It has the inclusion of both the wall adapter as well as a car adapter. Now, you will be able to use the pump for a number of different things.

1. Wet & Fly Air Mattress


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With this new improved model, this air mattress will win your heart. The product has a seamless design, which makes sure the item does not dip down in the middle. Furthermore, the product has a double-sided flocking. As a result, makes the material even thicker, lasting you through the usual wear and tear effects.

This product also has a cold resistance of up to 25 degrees. In case you are sensitive to foreign smells, no need to stress. The item is completely odorless and non-toxic. With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 260kgs, this mattress will not droop down with a little heavy load.

Key Features

  • Not only the car, but you can use the product both indoor as well as outdoor.
  • You will be glad to know, the mattress adopts 6P environmental protection.
  • Besides, it is completely cold resistant. So, it further assures you of comfort.

What are some of the must-have features of an inflatable car air mattress?

There are many things to consider to make sure, your little naps inside your nap will be both safe as well as comfortable. Firstly, the front seat bumper is an absolute necessity. In case you are traveling with your children, they may be sleeping while you drive. In that case, they may get rolled in the front, hitting their face hard against something. Besides, if you tend to move around a lot, in both scenarios, the front seat bumper will prevent you from getting hit in the middle of your sleep.

Another thing that you cannot miss out on is the backseat supporters. These are raised inflatable chambers that provide extra support as well as balance, so that, the mattress is able to handle heavy loads without drooping down, raising up at one side.

You will be glad to know, almost all car air mattresses come with this next addition. Blowing air into the car air mattress through your mouth to inflate it can be an extremely laborious task, and almost impossible. For that reason, you should go for air mattresses which come with the electric pump, which does all the work for you at the mere press of a switch. Since many of these pumps also have different types of nozzles, you can use them to inflate other things around your house as well.

If your air mattress gets deflated, it is basically purposeless to get one. To prevent that from happening, you should get air mattresses that come with a dual valve system, so that, no air can leak out of the product.

Also, by all means, the material of the product should be waterproof. In case there is any spillage, you might have to sacrifice your comfortable and portable bed. Although, if the material is waterproof, all it will need is some wiping to take care of any accidental mess.

How does the wave/curved design help in an inflatable car air mattress?

The textured surface of the car air mattress is not only meant to appeal to the eyes, but it also has a practical use. The design provides the right amount of support to the different parts of your body, giving you great ergonomic comfort as you sleep on it.

Which item can you not afford to forget along with an inflatable car air mattress?

While many mattresses come with their very own inflatable pillow, in case you get one without the pillows, make sure to carry some pillows with yourself. Without the pillows, your neck will not be supported, which might give you a stiff neck when you wake up in the morning.

Sleeping in your car will not be uncomfortable anymore. The portable inflatable car air mattress is just like your regular mattress that becomes fully functional once you pump air into it.