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10 Best Janitorial Carts of 2024 Reviews | Guide

The janitorial carts are on the rise in demand due to their convenience when cleaning and arranging rooms. These are cleaning carts ideal for both home and commercial places as they help carry multiple cleaning accessories. The janitorial carts are made with multiple storage shelves and an additional side bag ideal for carrying laundry clothes or bedding to the rooms.

Maneuvering the carts around is smooth as they have strong and smooth casters. When buying a janitorial cart either for home or commercial use, consider your cleaning needs so you can get the best size. Below are the top ten best models currently trending on the market.

Best Janitorial Carts Review in 2024

Dryser Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Cart

Dryser Janitorial Carts

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If you need a janitorial cleaning cart that can carry all cleaning essentials, this is the cart’s right choice. It is equipped with four wheels at the base, for smooth moving it around. The front wheels are a bit wide for easy maneuvering the cart in the rooms, and the rear casters provide the right balance. This cart is perfect for commercial places like hospitals, hotels, and other areas with multiple rooms.

It has robust construction such that it can carry loads of 300 pounds. So, you can comfortably carry beddings after cleaning the rooms with the cart to save time. The cart is equipped with three shelves for holding various cleaning accessories, and an interchangeable bag at the back with a zipper.

Special features

  • This janitorial cart can carry loads of 300 pounds
  • Comes with a large bag
  • Has three large storage spaces
  • The cart has four smooth and strong casters

Rubbermaid Commercial Traditional Janitorial

Rubbermaid Commercial Products

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You no longer need to struggle to carry cleaning solutions when cleaning since this Rubbermaid commercial janitorial cart makes the work easy. The janitorial cart has three reasonable shelves plus one large interchangeable bag that can carry large heaps of laundry items. The top shelf features a more profound style to store frequently used items or taller cleaning accessories.

The cart also has four strong casters, so you don’t need to use a lot of energy to move the products. The cart has quality ABS materials with a smooth finish for easy cleaning of the cart after use. The extra-large wheels on this cart move swiftly on any floor without leaving marks for safety.

Special features

  • Maintaining this janitorial cart is easy
  • Has large smooth casters
  • Comes with one large bag with a zipper
  • Comes with triple waste dividers

Commercial Traditional Cleaning Janitorial

Cheng Janitorial Carts

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This janitorial cart is suitable for people who offer housekeeping services since it can carry many items. You don’t need to make multiple trips when collecting laundry clothes in the houses or even moving your cleaning solutions. The cart has three large shelves with an extra zipped bag for carrying bulky items like clothes.

Overall, this cart is quite strong as it can take a load of 500 pounds. The large zipper bag is quite large and deep as it can accommodate a load of 22 gallons. This is a comfortable janitorial cart to use in hospitals or residents since it moves silently. Besides, the casters are smooth to ensure no floor is damaged when moving it.

Special features

  • The interchangeable yellow bag carries 22 gallons of loads
  • The overall cart can carry 500 pounds
  • It is large to accommodate large items like mops
  • This cart is made with quality materials

Goplus Commercial Janitorial Cart Heavy Duty


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Keep all your cleaning accessories and solutions closeby by acquiring this janitorial cart. The cart features a classic design and has an extra-large design such that you can carry a mop and a bucket as well. It has three shelves with the top one providing excellent grip to accommodate large or wobbly items that cannot fit on the lower shelves.

Besides that, this janitorial cart has a large yellow bag that can carry loads weighing 25 gallons. The cart features two ergonomic handles for comfortable gripping when pushing it around the rooms.

Special features

  • This janitorial cart can carry loads of 330 pounds
  • Has hooks on the edges to hold mops and other cleaning items
  • Has two handles for holding to push
  • Comes with a large collecting bag

Mind Reader Commercial Janitorial Utility Cart

Mind Reader Janitorial Carts

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One notable feature on this janitorial cart is the sizeable yellow bag with a lid, so no one will peep what you are carrying with it. This is a perfect cart to use when cleaning hospitals as you can use it to carry patients’ hospital clothes or beddings. This janitorial cart allows you to carry all your cleaning accessories, including a mop since it has three shelves plus hooks on the sides to hold the tall cleaning items. The three shelves are quite spacious so that you can organize multiple items and each shelf carries a load of 100 pounds.

Special features

  • This cart is light in weight
  • Has premium and heavy-duty materials crafting
  • Comes with a large laundry bag with a lid
  • Each shelf holds 100 pounds

Simpli-Magic 79191 Janitorial Car


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The Simpli-Magic janitorial cart ensures you have a magical time cleaning in large premises as it makes the work easy. You don’t have to make multiple trips to access your cleaning items since it can hold many accessories. This janitorial cart has three shelves with raised edges so you can easily carry both small and large items.

Besides, this cart comes with a sizeable lockable bag that can carry loads between 22 to 66 gallons. The storage bag, together with the shelves, can all carry loads of 330 pounds. Moving it around is easy as you don’t need to use a lot of energy. The cart has four casters with large two frontal wheels for easy maneuvering on different surfaces.

Special features

  • This janitorial cart carries 330 pounds
  • Has an extra-large storage bag
  • The casters maneuver this janitorial cart easily around
  • The cart has heavy-duty PP and Plastic Sprayed Iron Frame materials construction.

Janitor Cart

Direct Mop Sales Janitorial Carts

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A durable and multifunctional janitorial cart that you can use for cleaning jobs around the house. This janitorial cart has multiple storage shelves, and it comes with one large storage bag that you can use to carry laundry clothes to the laundry room.

This is also a convenient cleaning cart for commercial areas as it carries a lot of cleaning accessories you will need for cleaning. The cart has hooks on the sides for keeping mops, brooms, and other tall items that cannot fit on the shelves.

Special features

  • The storage bag carries 25 gallons load
  • This janitorial cart is relatively light for portability
  • Carries multiple cleaning items
  • The handles are foldable for easy arranging and picking cleaning items

HomCom 3 Shelf Commercial Cleaning Rolling Janitor Cart


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For those who provide heavy-duty cleaning jobs, this janitorial cart will suit you as it carries all the items you need for cleaning. Besides providing three large shelves and bags, the cart also has universal hooks ideal for hanging long items like mops and brooms, among others. Thus, you can efficiently carry all your cleaning accessories items, mainly if you clean different rooms or upstairs.

The front shelf is expandable so you can fit large things like a cleaning bucket or even a vacuum. Moving the janitorial cart around the room is easy since the casters are super reliable. The front section is equipped with two 8 inches casters, and the rear ones are 3 inches wide for easy moving on any surface.

Special features

  • The yellow basket holds 25 gallons
  • The front platform can expand to fit large and wide items
  • The cart has durable and sturdy frame construction
  • The casters do not leave any marking on the floor

Farag Janitorial Commercial Housekeeping cart Janitorial cart

Farag Janitorial Janitorial Carts

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The yellow bag on this janitorial cart comes with a lid to secure the items you carry. It is a multifunctional cleaning cart essential for commercial home and office cleaning needs. It is also recommendable for hotels since the cart transport items for setting up in the rooms. Moving the cart around is easy thanks to the smooth casters.

The casters are smooth to secure the floor from markings. Besides three shelves, this cart also has two hooks ideal for carrying long items like brooms and mops.

Special features

  • This cart is multifunctional
  • Has smooth casters for easy moving around
  • Has two holders for carrying brooms
  • This cart only weighs 30 pounds

TUFFIOM Commercial Traditional Cleaning Janitorial


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With a large storage capacity that can carry up to 500 pounds, you are unstoppable in your cleaning duties. This janitorial cart is crafted to last you for a long time; hence, the heavy-duty premium materials are crafting. Moving the cart around is easy as the casters are relatively smooth for easy moving around a massive benefit for hotels.

This cart has three large shelves plus one bag that can carry loads of 22 gallons. Note that the bag also has a lid to cover the carried items after cleaning rooms.

Special features

  • The cart is made with TR silent casters
  • The large yellow bag carries 22.5 gallons
  • Has premium heavy-duty materials crafting
  • This is an easy to clean cart after use


Make your cleaning job easy by using these janitorial carts. The carts have multiple storage spaces, including one large bag for clearing rooms or for taking clothes to the laundry rooms. The carts have varying weight capacity; they can hold something you need to consider, depending on your cleaning needs.