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10 Best Pancake Batter Dispensers in 2024

Making pancakes is common in most homes. If you have all the items for making pancakes, then you can have better convenience. A pancake batter dispenser will make sure there will be a smooth performance, and you don’t have to deal with any mess. It has multiple applications as you can even use it for commercial purposes. Pancake batter dispensers come in different sizes, and it has better heat tolerance. It can be a perfect buy for your home and is easy to use. Here is the list of the top 10 best pancake batter dispensers in 2024.

Best Pancake Batter Dispensers Review

10. OXO Precision Batter Dispenser

OXO Best Pancake Batter Dispensers

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This pancake batter dispenser prepares four cups of batter at once. The specialty appliance also comes along with a rapid-release squeeze handle. Moreover, the lid works as a drip tray throughout the squeezing process. The wide opening mouth reduces the risks of spilling while refilling mixtures. You can use this tool for preparing the batter for crepes and more.

The detachable valve also makes cleaning easier for homemakers. Furthermore, the shut-off function of this valve instantly cuts the supply of batter. Hence, you can keep your countertop free of messes. The measuring labels help you to refill the container. All parts of this appliance are of BPA-free plastic.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Comes with a convenient squeezing handle.
  • The valve comes with an instant shut-off function.
  • The container is of high-quality, odor-resistant plastic.

9. Kjzeex Professional Pancake Batter Dispenser


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The wide mouth lets you pour the batter with ease. The stainless steel cup-like pancake batter dispenser also comes with a quick-close valve. Hence, you can immediately stop the dispenser from dispensing batter. Moreover, the handy operation makes this dispenser suitable for senior people or children. Nevertheless, the spring-loaded handle controls the dispensing process with ease.

The improved design of the valve also makes dispensing drip-free. Furthermore, you can have complete control over the portion control. The metal construction makes this appliance safe to use in your kitchen. However, the metal parts never usually break or crack.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The silicone valve is leakage-proof.
  • Pours consistently and drip-freely.
  • The handle has a spring-loaded pulling mechanism.

8. WOOPOWER Funnel Octopus Balls Tool

WOOPOWER Best Pancake Batter Dispensers

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This pancake batter dispenser holds up to four cups of mixtures. The BPA-free plastic parts also make this appliance safe for your family. Moreover, the measuring labels make this plastic jar quite convenient. The silicone baking liners instantly cut off the supply of batter. The mixer perfectly whisks and mixes all ingredients for batter.

You can also use this tool for dispensing batters of waffles and more. The wide mouth lets you refill the jar without spilling a drop. Furthermore, the container prepares four cups of batter at once. Nevertheless, the food-grade, BPA-free plastic makes this container safe for everyone.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The jar is food-grade and toxin-free.
  • Comes with a spring-loaded pull handle.
  • Feels light and suitable for long-term use.

7. Chicago Metallic Batter Dispenser

Chicago Metallic

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The container has the construction of high-quality plastic material. You can also use your dishwasher to keep this appliance clean. Moreover, you can use this multipurpose tool for mixing and dispensing batters. This pancake batter dispenser comes along with a quick-release design. Hence, this tool makes refilling easier for homemakers.

The flexible valve lets you prepare batters for cupcakes, loaf, and more. Furthermore, the appliance includes an instant automatic shut off function. The transparent container can hold up to four cups of batters. Nevertheless, the drip-free valve helps you to keep your countertop mess-free. You can control the batter portions with ease.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The portion controlling is easy.
  • The valve cuts off the supply instantly.
  • Comes with an instant shut-off function.

6. MyLifeUNIT Pancake Batter Dispenser

MyLifeUNIT Best Pancake Batter Dispensers

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This pancake batter dispenser comes along with removable octopus balls. Hence, you can use this dispenser to make perfect takoyaki balls. The stainless steel material construction makes this baking tool food-grade and durable. Moreover, this dispenser comes with a detachable handle for convenient storage. You can dispenser mixtures for waffles, cupcakes, and more.

The baking tool is also dishwasher-safe. The handle helps you to operate the portion of dispensed batter every time. You can use this batter dispenser for dispensing pizza sauces as well. Furthermore, the stainless steel dispenser is never prone to rusting and corroding. However, the eco-friendly construction makes this appliance safe for your health.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Comes with a space-saving design.
  • Includes removable steel octopus balls.
  • Ideal for seasoning, icing, and dripping sauces.

5. Imperial Home Pancake Dispenser


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This batter mixer does all the tasks at once. However, this pancake batter dispenser also comes along with a metal blender ball. Hence, this appliance whisks and shakes batter at the same time. The heat-resistant silicone spout makes pouring easier. Moreover, this baking tool holds up to 1065mm of batter.

The measuring labels also make the filling of batter trouble-free. Furthermore, you can use water and soap to clean this container. The mixer prepares perfect batters for waffles, crepes, pancakes, and more. Nevertheless, all parts of this baking tool are dishwasher-safe. The wide opening lets you add ingredients or pour the batter with ease.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Prepares and dispenses batter.
  • All components are dishwasher-safe.
  • Comes with a complication-free design.

4. JaeJoy Pancake Batter Dispenser

JaeJoy Best Pancake Batter Dispensers

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This pancake batter dispenser has the construction of durable steel material. The stainless steel construction is also food-grade and toxin-free. Moreover, this pancake batter dispenser comes with a portion-controlled design. The wide-mouth opening helps you to pour the mixtures with no hassle. However, the added lid keeps the batter fresh for hours.

You can also keep your leftover batter for further use. Furthermore, this baking tool comes with a perfect valve. Hence, you can dispense mixtures of muffins, cookies, and more. Nevertheless, by squeezing the handle, you can drip the batter with ease. The silicone hole reduces the risks of clogging.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Consists of a drip-free lock.
  • Comes along with an airtight lid.
  • Has a smooth metal grip-pull handle.

3. Chef Buddy Batter Dispenser

Chef Buddy

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The complication-free design makes this pancake batter dispenser quite functional. This specialty appliance also holds 900ml of batter. Moreover, the portion-controlled spring-loaded mechanism makes the handle easily operable. The spring-loaded trigger increases the functionality of this dispenser. However, the drip-free nozzle dispenses the right amount of mixture every time.

The wide-mouth opening also helps you to refill the mixture accordingly. Furthermore, the snap-on lid keeps the batter secured inside the container. Nevertheless, this specialty appliance holds batters for cupcakes, muffins, pancakes, and more. This baking tool offers hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. The plastic container has the construction of toxin-free plastic material.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Offers hassle-free cleaning and filling.
  • The handle has a spring-loaded mechanism.
  • Provides portion-controlled batter dispensing.

2. Norpro Batter Dispenser

Norpro Best Pancake Batter Dispensers

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The measuring labels on the pancake batter dispenser make measuring easier. The container also holds up to four cups of mixture. Moreover, the 1-liter batter dispenser has measuring labels in millimeters and ounces. You can use this container for both mixing and dispensing batter. However, the food-grade plastic jar offers exceptional durability.

Hence, this dispenser also reduces the wastage of batter. Furthermore, the soft-grip handle lets you consistently pour batter on the pan. You can use this dispenser for dispensing batters for cupcakes, crepes, and more. However, the release handle lets you control the volume of mixtures with ease.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The measuring labels are accurate.
  • Comes with an easy pull soft handle.
  • Perfect for mixing and dispensing batters.

1. KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser


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The see-through pancake batter dispenser makes monitoring of the batter easier. However, the measuring label on the plastic container is also helpful for users. Moreover, the handy pancake battery dispenser holds up to four cups of batter. However, all parts of this container are of food-grade, BPA-free plastic material. You can dispense different batters, like muffins, cookies, and more.

The wide-mouth opening makes filling trouble-free. Furthermore, the pulley handle makes dispensing quick and easy. The drip-resistant dispensing system helps you to make perfect pancakes every time. However, the flexible dispensing valve dispenses batters of different consistencies. The pull trigger handle lets you control the dispensing trouble-free.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Includes a wide mouth container.
  • The dispensing valve is leakage-proof.
  • Comes with a handy pull trigger handle.

Buying Guide For Pancake Batter Dispenser

Type: You will find pitcher type dispensers and pen type dispensers. A pitcher type dispenser will make sure there will be easy handling, and it has a large capacity. With a pen-type dispenser, you can add different ingredients as it includes a convenient cap.

Materials: To ensure there will be long lasting use, you can see if the pancake batter dispenser is composed of high-quality materials. Stainless steel will be an ideal choice as it is very durable. ABS plastic comes at an affordable value and allows you to use it with ease. There are also glass pancake batter dispensers that have an attractive look.

Size: The size of the pancake batter dispenser can vary accordingly. You will have to see if it meets your needs. However, you will have to see if it does not make any mess and it has to be perfect for your family. The one that has a large capacity will let you use it for commercial purposes and have a better advantage.

Spout: The spout is composed of either plastic or silicone. You need to see if it has high-temperature tolerance so that there can be reliable performance. This will offer you a better advantage, and you can use it for different types of ingredients.

Easy to Use and Maintenance: Select the one that lets you use it conveniently. You need to see if the pancake batter dispenser is suitable for everyday purposes. Apart from this, you can see if it lets you have easy cleaning. It must let you have easy disassembling so that you can clean it in a dishwasher.


Dispensing the batter perfectly is the most important step for preparing pancakes. There are various types of these pancake batter dispensers available in the online market and while purchasing, you should go through each one of them as we have handpicked. Assess the products based on important factors and choose the perfect one for your job.