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10 Best Pedestal Fans of 2024

If you are looking to have better comfort during hot summer days, then you can make use of a pedestal fan. It delivers remarkable performance and helps to lower your power bills. With it, there will be instant cooling performance. A pedestal fan is easy to use, and you can find one that can come with multiple features. It makes sure that you have many benefits, and you can easily choose the position of your preference. Check out the following list of the top 10 best pedestal fans of 2024.

Top Best Pedestal Fans in 2024

10. Tangkula Metal Pedestal Fan

Tangkula Pedestal Fans

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The 16-inch blade of this pedestal fan produces high-speed wind. This unit also makes a perfect choice for warehouses. Moreover, the dirt-resistant surface makes this fan look new for years. You can place this model in your gyms or small indoor gardens. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly change the speed up to three levels.

The height of this pole is also widely customizable. Furthermore, the weighted metal base never lets this fan tip. The metal blade can produce a cool breeze and offer uniform distribution. Hence, you can always stay cool during the summer days. The oscillation control makes this fan head move from side to side.

Reasons To Buy

  • Distributes the air thoroughly.
  • Has a smooth oscillation function.
  • Ideal for every medium to large space.

9. Simple Deluxe Oscillating Pedestal Stand Fan

Simple Deluxe

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The oscillating fan comes along with a 16-inch blade. This freestanding also consists of a functional LED screen. Moreover, the provided remote control lets you control the settings from a distance. The low-noise technology significantly minimizes the operational noises. Nevertheless, the automatic shut-off function increases the practicality of this fan.

The motor also keeps the noise level lower than 60-dB. Hence, you can effortlessly place this unit in your bedroom. Furthermore, the 90-degree oscillating function covers a wide space with a cool breeze. You can customize the speed settings from low to high. However, this fan is a perfect choice for homes, offices, and other spaces.

Reasons To Buy

  • Consists of an LED screen.
  • Works without producing noises.
  • Includes automatic power-off functions.

8. Comfort Zone Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Comfort Zone Pedestal Fans

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This pedestal fan serves as the best freestanding model. The remote controller also offers remote operation. Moreover, the silent motor makes the blade work without producing excessive noises. The 3-speed oscillation function keeps a wide space properly ventilated. Nevertheless, this fan is suitable for your bedroom or study room.

The inbuilt timer function also offers easy programming. The front control panel gives you another option for the remote controller. Furthermore, you can use this quiet fan to distribute the cool air evenly. The oscillating function makes this fan suitable for hot summer days. However, this unit lets you adjust the settings flexibly.

Reasons To Buy

  • Consists of a built-in timer setting.
  • Includes a programmable remote control.
  • Runs without producing operational noises.

7. Hurricane Pedestal Fan


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Constructed with hardwearing aluminum, the blades of this fan offer exceptional durability. The all-metal parts are also never prone to rust and corrosion. Moreover, the high-speed motor runs smoothly as well as silently. Moreover, the adjustable pole lets you change the height up to 54-inch. This pedestal fan has a rounded, weighted base.

Hence, this unit also stays stable on any surface. Furthermore, the powder-coated finish reduces the risks of rusting and corroding. The button controller lets users flexibly adjust the settings. You can place this unit in your garages, homes, greenhouses, and workshops. However, the 90-degree oscillation control can cover a wide space.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with a circular weighted base.
  • All components are of rustproof metal.
  • Includes a complication-free tilting mechanism.

6. Lasko Remote Pedestal Fan

Lasko Pedestal Fans

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This tower fan consists of electronic controls. The assembly of this pedestal fan is also tool-free and trouble-free. Moreover, the tilt-back head lets you change the wind directions flexibly. You can customize the pole length up to 54.5-inch. Nevertheless, you can use this fan for your medium to large-sized rooms. This unit comes with a five-blade design.

The oscillation function also lets you adjust the wind directions flexibly. Furthermore, the 4-hour timer settings increase the practicality of this cooling system. This fan comes along with an electric plug-in motor. Hence, this model circulates a powerful breeze even in low-speed settings.

Reasons To Buy

  • Requires no tools for assembly.
  • The weighted base is wobble-free.
  • Consists of a programmable timer.



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The 16-inch blade draws a large volume of air. Therefore, you can freely place this pedestal fan in your large hall room. Moreover, the adjustable-height function lets you use this unit for multiple rooms. The included remote controller lets you control the settings remotely. Nevertheless, the oscillating head makes the fan circulate the air from side to side.

This fan also includes three different speed settings. Furthermore, the timer-off function increases the practicality of this unit. This stand fan automatically stops working after 7.5-hours of activation. You can place this model in your medium or large rooms. However, the front-panel controls are user-friendly.

Reasons To Buy

  • Has a wide blade design.
  • Consists of a smart timer function.
  • Includes an inbuilt front control panel.

4. PELONIS Ultra Quiet Pedestal Fan

PELONIS Pedestal Fans

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This pedestal fan works noiselessly with the help of a silent motor. However, this super-quiet motor also never disturbs you while sleeping. The 12-hour timer settings let you pick the time of shutting off accurately. Moreover, you can place this fan in your baby’s room with no issues. The height-adjustable stand lets you place the fan at the desired length.

This cooling system also consists of 12 different speed settings. Furthermore, the five-blade design uniformly circulates the air. This oscillation fan comes with an 85-degree oscillating angle. You can tilt the head of this unit up to a 24-degree angle as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • Consists of a silent DC motor.
  • Includes a functional 12-hour timer.
  • The speed settings are widely adjustable.

3. Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan


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This household fan comes along with a smart remote controller. Therefore, you can also remotely control the settings of this fan. Moreover, the silent motor of this unit runs without complications. The customizable cooling function lets you change the settings accordingly. Nevertheless, this fan has a dual-blade configuration. The oscillation keeps the head moving widely from side to side.

This energy-efficient cooling function also circulates the air uniformly. Furthermore, the three different power settings fit your needs precisely. This cooling system consists of an automatic shut-off timer. You can precisely select between three different breeze modes. Therefore, this fan perfectly fits the needs of every home.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with electric controls.
  • Has an automatic shut-off timer.
  • Includes an adjustable cooling function.

2. Lasko Adjustable Pedestal Fan

Lasko Pedestal Fans

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A tower fan makes a perfect addition to dormitory rooms. This 18-inch pedestal fan also comes with simple manual controls. Moreover, you will need no tools for assembling this unit. The tilt-back design lets you change the directions of the wind accordingly. However, the low, medium to high-speed settings fit your needs accordingly.

The widespread oscillation also lets the fan head move side to side. Furthermore, you can customize the length of the pole up to 54.5-inch. This fan comes with safety fuse technology. Therefore, this fuse is capable of detecting electrical faults. Nevertheless, this fan stands for exceptional durability.

Reasons To Buy

  • The length is flexibly customizable.
  • Comes with safety fuse technology.
  • Has a widespread oscillation function.

1. Amazon Basics Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan

Amazon Basics

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A provided remote controller lets you remotely control this pedestal fan. This freestanding model also circulates the air thoroughly. Moreover, this cooling fan consumes only 55-watt of power. This household fan comes along with three different power settings. Hence, you can flexibly adjust these speed settings. Nevertheless, the digital operation increases the practicality of this fan.

The two-blade-oscillating function also makes oscillation automatic. Furthermore, the automatic timer function prevents the electricity from wastage. The adjustable pole lets you customize the length with flexibility. However, you can vertically adjust the angles of the head with no hassle. The three breeze modes perfectly match the needs of medium to large rooms.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with three power settings.
  • Comes with a functional remote controller.
  • Supports silent and smooth blade movements.

Buying Guide For Pedestal Fan

Size: Pedestal fans are available in multiple sizes. You will have to see if it is perfect for your room so that you can have better comfort. You can find the one that allows you to adjust it according to your requirements.

Construction: The construction has to be strong so that there will be value for money. Look for the one that is composed of premium quality materials and helps to resist rust.

CFM: CFM or cubic feet per minute can vary accordingly. For large spaces, you can see if it has a CFM rating of up to 3000. However, for a small room, it can be over 100.

Blade Sweep: When it comes to blade sweep, it determines the overall performance of the pedestal fan. Always see if it has a minimum of 400 mm of blade sweep.

Speed: If you are looking to have custom comfort, then you can see if it gives you the option to choose from multiple speeds. This is a vital consideration and allows you to use it according to your needs.

Easy to Use: Go for the one that lets you have hassle-free usage. You can find the one that can come with a remote control so that you can use it from anywhere.

Others: Look for the one that offers you many options. You can see if it allows you to choose from different fan modes. Some can also come with a removable grill so that there will be easy cleaning. In addition to this, you will have to see that it operates without making any noise.


There are various types of pedestal fans available with different features and specifications. The buying guide contains all the necessary parameters and factors a buyer needs to keep in mind while checking out the products. That is how he can differentiate the products and compare them for proper assessments.