Top 10 Best Portable Safes in 2021

Many people who know about portable safes think they are only needed by travelers. This is not true as anyone can use portable safes for several purposes. While it is true that they can be used for traveling, they can also be used in the hotel room, at the pool or gym, and even in the office. Safes are just the best option for you to keep your items secured when you are away from home.

In this review, we shall be examining the top 10 best portable safes in 2021 looking at their features. In this review, we will also provide you with some ideas as to where portable safes can be used, as well as features to look at when buying.

List of Best Portable Safes Review

10. Master Lock Personal Safe

Master Lock Portable Safes

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The Master Lock Personal Safe is a portable one that is well-designed with a lot of amazing features. This is a travel safe that is not only portable but also very strong. It comes with a 4-dial combination lock and a customized tethering cable. With this safe, you do not have to worry about anyone pilfering your purse when you are not with it.

This water-resistant safe is 1 – ¼ inches tall and 8 – 1/8 inches wide. It can carry all of your valuables like your phone, cards, cash and one or two books.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant and has included in it a shock-absorbing foam
  • Comes with cable access points that can be used to charge and listen to music on the go
  • Very lightweight and has an impressive storage space.

9. Stack-On PC-95C-S Portable Safe

Stack-On Portable Safes

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Do you want a traditional well-designed lockbox-style safe? Then, you should go for the Stack-On PC 95C-S Portable Safe. This slimline steel case is safe for traveling and has an impressive amount of space. It can contain your keys, phones, cards and vital documents. You can use this portable safe in your car or in your office to deter thieves from having access to your valuables.

The most outstanding quality of this safe is its strength which is reputed to be one of the best in the market. This portable safe also comes in an amazing design that spices up your look at all times. It comes in three different colors giving you an option to choose from and is secured with a 3-tumbler lock.

Key Features

  • This safe is made with strong steel which makes it durable.
  • It has enough space to contain your valuable items and documents
  • Well secured with a three-tumbler combination lock.

8. ECR4Kids Portable Safe


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There are a lot of things to like about the ECR4Kids portable safe from its design to its security. This safe is reputed to be one of the most convenient safes in the market. You can keep it in your room, under your bed, in your car, or can choose to move around with it. This portable safe can carry as much as 50 pounds worth of item weight. It is your best travel option when you want to move around with some documents alongside your accessories.

ECR4Kids comes with two keys lock for maximum security and a steel cable that can be used in securing the safe to any other item. When you think comfort, space and amazing design, then you should think ECR4Kids.

Key Features

  • Comes with roller wheels to aid movement from one place to another
  • Has a steel carabiner that is 70 inches long which makes it easily accessible
  • There are strategically placed holes in the safe that can be used to charge or listen to music.

7. SentrySafe


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SentrySafe is a digital security portable lockbox and the best option for DIYers. This safe has a very durable solid steel construction that makes it resistant to water and make it very versatile. SentrySafe can be used anywhere ranging from hotel rooms to gyms, and by anyone. It comes with a steel tethering cable for enhanced security and compatibility.

This digital portable safe comes with a programmable electronic lock that allows for two user codes and two override keys. Maximum security, excellent design, and comprehensive construction are features peculiar to this portable safe.

Key Features

  • Comes with a programmable electronic lock and dual access
  • Has an in-built delay system that restricts an unauthorized person from accessing it.

6. SAFETYON Book Diversion Safe


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A bit different from others that have been listed above, SAFETYON book diversion safe is a portable safe in the form of a book. The good thing about this safe is that it doesn’t look like one so a thief can easily mistake it for a book. This brand offers you different choices of book covers that you can select from.

This book diversion safe varies in features with some coming with key locks and others with combination locks. Coming at a moderate size, it provides you with reasonable space for your phones, wallet, keys, passport and other documents.

Key Features

  • Up to eight book cover choices available
  • Reasonable storage space for your items
  • Slash resistance and low cost required for its maintenance

5. Lewis N. Clark Portable Safe box

Lewis N. Clark Portable Safes

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This Lewis N. Clark portable safe box is a secure bag that is both waterproof and slash-resistant. You can use this portable safe for as long as you have it properly maintained. This safe will help you store your cash, keys, passport, wallet, phone and many other items.

This portable safe is perfect for travel as much as it is for all other outdoor activities like going to the pool, gym and the office. It is very durable, affordable and well-constructed. Keep your items safe while spicing up your look when you make use of this portable safe.

Key Features

  • Water and slash-resistant
  • Low maintenance cost required to keep it clean

4. Pacsafe Travelsafe


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This safe is a mini-safe and the best portable option for travelers. The security of this safe is top-notch as it is made up of poly-canvas embedded in steel mesh. This construction prevents the theft of items that are kept in the safe. Coming as a 5-liters and 12-liters safe, it can hold a lot of items in every one of its layers.

This portable safe can take your tablet, phone, keys, and purse with a little space still available for your camera. Though a good travel option, this portable safe can also be used in your hotel rooms, at the gym or on the beach.

Key Features

  • Embedded steel mesh for better security
  • It has a drawstring feature to easily close and open it.

3. AquaVault FlexSafe


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AquaVault is a very popular trip safe that many users are familiar with. The AquaVault FlexSafe is an update of the initial AquaVault. This updated version includes modern features that make it more portable, more fashionable and more secure. This safe is the best option for a beach or gym outing and can be used in the office or your hotel room.

This portable safe is one of the leading safes in the market because of how light it is and how difficult it is to break. The AquaVault FlexSafe does not come with a cable tether but can be attached to other accessories making use of a locking flap.

Key Features

  • This safe has 5-layers of cut-resistant fabric which makes it secured.
  • Belt loops and hand straps are provided to make it easy to carry around.
  • It comes with RFID blocking to prevent electronic identity theft.

2. SAFEGO Portable Lock Box Safe

SAFEGO Portable Safes

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SAFEGO is a known safe lock brand that delivers quality products and one of those is its portable indoor/outdoor lock box safe. This stylish safe is one that you can go around to the beach, gym or office with. You can even travel with this safe to keep your items safe from anyone capable of pilfering it.

This safe comes with a handle that also serves as a tethering cable. Made of plastic, this portable safe is water-resistant and can serve you for a very long period. To ensure the security of items in this safe, it comes with a dual locking system that uses a key and 3-digit combination lock.

Key Features

  • Comes with a dual security lock for extra security
  • Its outer shell is made of plastic which makes it difficult to break.
  • A long steel cable is included to make it attachable to other things like a chair or bag.

1. AmazonBasics Security Case Lock Box Safe

AmazonBasics Portable Safes

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This portable security case lockbox safe is an effective option to keep your cash, devices and documents safe when you are away from home. The major highlights of this portable safe are its compact design and reliable construction. Made with premium anti-pry steel and foam padded interior, this safe is very durable and good for travelers.

By making use of this safe, you are guaranteed maximum security of all items that are kept in it due to the dual lock system provided for the safe. Get this portable safe and go around to the pool, gym and even your office without any fear of losing your valuables.

Key Features

  • Comes with a zinc alloy dual lock for maximum security
  • Made of highly durable and water-resistant layers.
  • Lockbox meets all TSA requirements


No doubt, this review has provided you with the top 10 best portable safes in 2021. However, when buying, you have to consider some factors. These factors vary based on how much budget you have, your personality and your preferences. Pick from any of the portable safes listed above and have your belongings secured at all times.

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