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Best Throw Flashlights of 2024 Reviews | Guide

Are you looking for an outdoor flashlight that gives a long beam of light range? Throw flashlights are the best choices. The throw flashlights are crafted with LED bulbs that provide a high brightness level at a distance. These flashlights are the best for the outdoors since they don’t limit vision and are quite easy to operate.

Some of the throw flashlights are powered by disposable batteries, while others rechargeable batteries. To make your buying process easier, here is a review of the top ten best throw flashlights to check out

UltraTac K18 Powerful Keychain Flashlight

UltraTac Best Throw Flashlights

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If you are planning for a camping trip you need this throw flashlight for illumination. The flashlight features a compact and lightweight design but still does not limit your visibility at night. This flashlight lights at a brightness of 370 lumens, with a throw of 1.5 meters away.

Recharging the battery is easy since the flashlight comes with a USB, so you can connect to other devices like computers to recharge the battery. It has three varying brightness levels which are quite easy to change with the single button control. So, you can minimize the brightness if you don’t want to cause attention while in the woods.

Special features

  • This throw flashlight is waterproof
  • The flashlight burns at 370 lumens
  • Has a strong impact-resistant design
  • The battery can be recharged using a USB

RovyVon Aurora A1x Cree LED Keychain Flashlight


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This is an upgraded throw flashlight with more advanced light and materials to ensure you have ample illumination and lasts long. This flashlight burns at 650 lumens to give enough illumination while in the dark. It is a great flashlight to tag when going outdoors or for emergency lighting at home. The flashlight has a 330mAh Li-po rechargeable battery that does not take a long time to recharge so you can continue using it.

Also, you can recharge the battery using a USB cable. If you don’t want this flashlight to light up at the highest level of 650 lumens, set it to other lighting modes; moonlight 2 lumens, low light 8 lumens, and medium-light of 360 lumens.

Special features

  • The outer case has waterproof material to secure it from damages
  • The flashlight lights up in 5 modes
  • It is quite light for portability
  • The light travels to a distance of 1.6 meters away

Nitecore EA41 1020 Lumen Cree XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight

Nitecore Best Throw Flashlights

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If you are an outdoor individual then you need to get this throw flashlight for illumination. You don’t need to strain your eyes as you enjoy your outdoor adventures since this flashlight has a high brightness level. It can release up to 1020 lumens to ensure you get excellent visibility, especially in extremely dark areas. You don’t want too much brightness from the flashlight? It has four more illumination levels, including low light disperse to choose from.

The flashlight features two control modes of the power switch and switches mode. This flashlight is powered by double-A batteries which can last for a very long time. The flashlight comes with a holder to clip on your pants for easy access and a carrying pouch.

Special features

  • The light travels up to 366 yards
  • Has an ergonomic and compact style
  • Has dual switch control
  • Lights up to1020 lumens

Pocket-sized Super Bright Flashlight Set


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This flashlight model of throw flashlight is powered by a double-A replaceable battery that can last for up to 28 1/2 hours. The flashback itself has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and can provide a brightness level of up to 630 lumens. This flashlight is perfect to use under varying light conditions since it has five different light modes to choose from.

This is a reliable outdoor flashlight ideal for people who enjoy outdoor adventures as it has quality materials making. The top case of the flashlight has waterproof materials such that even when it comes to contact with wetness, the flashlight cannot easily get damaged. Also, the case is quite sturdy to prevent the flashlight from cracking if you accidentally drop it.

Special features

  • A single battery can run for 28.5 hours
  • The flashlight has a lifetime of 50,000 hours
  • It has a waterproof case
  • The flashlight is compact to save storage space

Acebeam T27 Cree XHP35 HI Led 2500

Acebeam Best Throw Flashlights

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This stands as one of our best choice of flashlight throwers since it can throw light beams to a distance of up to 1180 meters. It is an excellent flashlight for people who work in dark areas since it provides excellent illumination. Apart from providing a great and large throw, this flashlight has high lumen adjustment that can go up to 2500 lumens.

The flashlight has two control switches whereby one mode is useful for regulating brightness level, the other for switching on/off. The flashlight lights in 5 different modes so you can get the most comfortable light level while indoors or outdoors. The LED lamp in the flashlight ensures you get excellent illumination.

Special features

  • The flashlight has a throw of up to1180 meters
  • Has brightness level of up to 2500 lumens
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • The flashlight comes with a power bank

ACEBEAM L17 White LED Tactical Flashlight


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If you love hunting mainly in the early morning hours, this tactical throw flashlight will suit you. The flashlight has a high brightness level of up to 1400 lumens and can throw a light beam to a distance of 802 meters. The flashlight uses the OSRAM LED lamps to ensure you get a warm and bright light level.

This flashlight can last for 58 hours with a single recharge which is quite convenient for people who enjoy hunting for long hours. The flashlight is light and small in size to ensure comfort, such that you can hold the flashlight while still holding your gun.

Special features

  • This flashlight does not take long to recharge
  • Has a throw limit of 802 meters away
  • Lights up at 1400 lumens
  • It is quite portable

LUMINTOP BLF GT Long Throw Flashlight

LUMINTOP Best Throw Flashlights

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The high brightness level dispersed by this flashlight is recommendable mainly for people who love camping. This flashlight illuminates a light level of 2000 lumens and can throw light beams to large distances of up to 2000 meters away.

It has a rechargeable battery plus comes with a USB cable, so you can recharge using other devices. The lens of the flashlight has quality materials with anti-reflection finishing ensuring you get a clear light display.

Special features

  • This flashlight illuminates at 2000 lumens and throws light at 2000 meters away
  • Has a quality anti-reflective lens
  • It weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Has an ergonomic handle style

Mateminco MT35 Plus CREE XHP35 HI LED 2700 Lumens


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This is a recommendable flashlight for patrolling since it has great illumination, that extends up to 2700 lumens. Nonetheless, the flashlight throws light beams to a distance of up to 2416 meters away. So, you can comfortably view a large and long-distance while outdoors.

The handle area has an ergonomic style and comfortable materials that provide the best grip to the user. Besides, the flashlight has white illumination that broadens your visibility in extremely dark areas. There is a smart mechanism to save the power usage whereby it automatically reduces brightness when used at a space with 55 degrees heat level.

Special features

  • This flashlight has an illumination level of 2700 lumens
  • The light beam travels to a distance of up to 2416 meters
  • The flashlight has aerospace-grade aluminum alloy materials
  • It has impact and waterproof crafting

ACEBEAM K75 Flashlight Ultra-long Throw 2734 Yards

ACEBEAM Best Throw Flashlights

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This flashlight is super bright to ensure you have excellent illumination, especially at night. I would recommend this throw flashlight for camping, patrol police, and you can use it when accessing dark areas in the house. Some of the outstanding features on the flashlight, include the 6300 lumens and the single button control mode.

Apart from possessing a great illumination level, this flashlight also has a long-range view of up to 2734 yards. This flashlight is powered by 4 ACEBEAM 3100mAh rechargeable batteries that are durable.

Special features

  • This flashlight has an LED indicator
  • Has a throw power of 2734 yards
  • It is easy to operate
  • The flashlight has a high illumination level of 6300 lumens

Super Bright Flashlight 90000 Lumen Waterproof LED Flashlight

Bud K

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Enjoy hiking, camping and any other outdoor adventure with this extra bright flashlight. The flashlight has an LED bulb that illuminates high brightness levels of up to 90000 lumens. In some cases, especially when camping, you can use this flashlight as a lamp in the tent.

It is also a great option for people who want to have a broad and further view since it throws light at a distance of up to 1650 feet away. The brightness level adapts in three intervals; low, high and flash to fit various users and uses.

Special features

  • This flashlight is super portable
  • It has a brightness level of 90,000 lumens
  • Has a light throw of 1650 feet away
  • The brightness level adjusts in three intervals.


Enjoy outdoor adventures without compromising your vision at night by acquiring these throw flashlights. They have LED bulbs that ensure to deliver a high level of brightness at a distance. So, the flashlights are a fine choice for multiple outdoor activities ranging from camping, hiking and even hunting, among others. So, choose the best throw flashlight for your outdoor adventures from these ten options.