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10 Best Under Bed Shoe Storages of 2024

A shoe rack is never enough! You may have shoes that you love to wear often, hence the need to keep them together, or shoes that you don’t wear often. Whichever shoe arrangement you have in your home, having under-bed shoe storage is a great choice. The under-bed shoe storage units are equipped with multiple compartments for organizing the shoes.

These storage units have zipper covers that secure the shoes from dust or debris even when you keep the shoes for a long time before wearing them. I would also recommend them for kids since they prevent shoe clutters in their rooms. So, find the best under-bed shoe storage from the following review.

Best Under Bed Shoe Storages Review

10. storageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

storageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storages

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Don’t you have enough space to install a shoe rack in your bedroom? Get this under-bed shoe organizer, and you will be good. Not only are the shoe organizers affordable, but you get two pieces. Each shoe organizer can fit around 12 pairs of shoes, enough for two or a single person with multiple shoes.

Also, it is crucial to note the shoe organizers are adjustable in size. So, you can fit both high-heeled and low-cut shoes. Each storage organizer measures 30×24.5×5.3 inches and is quite sturdy even to hold bulky shoes.

Special features

  • The shoe storage units fit 24 pairs of shoes
  • The storage compartments are adjustable
  • The under bed storage be used to store other essentials like towels
  • Are quite sturdy and durable

9. Woffit Under The Bed Shoe Organizer

Woffit Under

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Are you tired of your kids scattering their shoes around their room? Get them this under-bed shoe organizer to manage the shoe organization. The package comes with two pieces, so if you have two kids, each can get one to organize their shoes. Since these shoe organizers are meant to be zipped and stored under the bed, they have breathable materials to prevent moisture from accumulating, leading to the growth of mold on shoes.

This also ensures the shoes stay fresh throughout. Each shoe organizer has two handles on each side for comfortable grasping when moving them around. The shoe organizers have strong zippers to secure the shoes inside.

Special features

  • •Each shoe organizer unit stores 12 pairs
  • They have a strong zipper for closing
  • The shoe storage units are made with breathable fabric materials
  • Have handles

8. Under Bed Storage with Wheels, Open-Top Underbed Storage

Under Bed Under Bed Shoe Storages

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The durability of this under-bed shoe storage unit is assured since it is made of metal materials. Also, with a 27 x 24.5 x 6.3 inches size, the shoe storage unit can store a lot of shoes. The storage is divided into two large compartments so you can stick multiple pairs of shoes. This storage unit has wheels; thus, pushing it under the bed is smooth.

The front part has a handle for holding onto to pull or push it back under the bed. You don’t necessarily need to use this storage unit to keep your shoes. I would also recommend it for storing your beddings considering it is strong and is large to hold a capacity of 50 liters equivalent to 35 pounds.

Special features

  • This under bed storage unit has quality materials construction
  • The storage unit is multifunctional
  • Has wheels for smooth moving it
  • It weighs less than 6 pounds

7. Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer Underbed Shoes


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There is no type of shoes you cannot store in this under-bed storage unit ranging from sandals to high heels. One package consists of two storage units, with each holding around 16 pairs of shoes. Although the material’s construction consists of fabrics, the storage units are quite sturdy and strong to hold bulky shoes.

They have handles for comfortable grasping to push or pull from under the bed. The other great design feature on these under-bed shoe storage units is the zipper cover. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the shoes getting all dusty when you store them under the bed.

Special features

  • These storage units are good for all types of shoes
  • Each storage unit carries 16 pairs of shoes
  • The storage units come with 30 days money refund warranty
  • Are quite light for portability

6. homyfort Under Bed Shoe Organizer, Breathable Underbed Storage

homyfort Under Bed Shoe Storages

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Keep your shoes well organized regardless of your home’s size by acquiring this model of the under-bed shoe organizer. The shoe collect pack comes with two units to accommodate up to 24 pairs. They ensure that you keep the shoes well without compromising your space since you need to slide the units under the bed.

These under-bed shoe organizers are made of super-strong non-woven fabric materials that are durable and breathable. So, rest assured your shoes will not trap moisture even when you zip the cover of the storage units. Each storage unit has adjustable compartments to fit flat and heeled shoes.

Special features

  • The covers are made with clear PVC materials
  • The storage units have thick non-woven fabrics construction
  • The materials are breathable
  • They are foldable for easy carrying

5. Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer ( Kids and Adults)

Ziz Home

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These under-bed shoe storage closets ensure the shoes stay well organized and are clean throughout. They are designed with compartments for arranging different shoe styles and come with PVC covers to secure the shoes from dust and other debris. If you are buying them for kids, the closets ensure the kids do not scatter shoes all over their rooms.

The under-bed storage units provide maximum storage spaces since each unit can accommodate 12 pairs of shoes. To maximize the under-bed space, especially if you don’t have shoes to store, you can fold these storage units to keep them away.

Special features

  • The storage closets have handles for holding
  • They are foldable when empty
  • Have covers and zipper to secure the shoes from dirt
  • The under bed storage units are space saver

4. Shoe Storage Under the Bed Featuring Adjustable Dividers

NA Under Bed Shoe Storages

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If you need a shoe storage space to keep the shoes you don’t wear often, these under-bed storage units are the best choice. The storage compartments are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of shoes.

Also, the storage closets ensure to keep the shoes free from dust for as long as you keep them since they have zipped covers. Each shoe storage closet weighs 3.8 pounds so moving it around to arrange your shoes is comfortable.

Special features

  • These shoe storage spaces have breathable materials
  • The dividers are adjustable in size
  • They are versatile home storage units
  • They are stackable to save more space

3. Low Profile Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer


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These are super tall under-bed shoe storage organizers that can occupy up to a 5-inch distance from the ground. This makes them the best option for keeping short and tall shoes that require large space. One pack comes with two organizers to be stuck together if you don’t want to occupy a large area under the bed.

Still, note that the storage units’ compartments are adjustable to ensure you have enough space to fit your shoes. Each storage closet weighs 2.2 pounds for convenient moving around the room to organize the shoes.

Special features

  • The storage units have a strong and sturdy construction
  • Can store any shoes
  • The shoe compartments are adjustable in fitting
  • Each storage cabinet fits 12 pairs

2. Smart Design Underbed 12 Compartment Shoe Organizer Storage Bag

Smart Design Under Bed Shoe Storages

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This under-bed shoe storage bag has large compartments that can hold around 12 pairs of shoes. The shoe organizer is made of premium heavy-duty fabric with a breathable design to keep the shoes fresh.

Also, you can keep the shoes in this storage bag for a long since it has a zipped cover that secures the shoes from dust and debris. The bag has handled all around for comfortable holding to pull under the bed or push it.

Special features

  • This shoe storage unit has a cover to secure shoes from dust
  • It holds 12 pairs of shoes
  • It only weighs 1.1 pounds
  • Has breathable materials construction

1. Vailando Shoe Storage Organizer with Adjustable Dividers


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This under-bed shoe storage organizer is made with premium cotton lining and canvas material that secures your shoes from dust while allowing good airflow. This shoe organizer has expandable compartments, plus it is large to holds around 24 shoes. Moving this shoe storage unit is quite easy since it has handles for grasping to move around.

Some of the shoes you can store in this shoe organizer are boots, high heels, rubbers, slippers, among others. In this case, it is a convenient storage unit you can keep both small and large or tall shoes.

Special features

  • This shoe storage unit stores up to 24 shoes
  • The storage compartments are adjustable
  • They are quite durable
  • Have a breathable design


Save space in your bedroom and secure your shoes in these qualities under bed shoe storage units. The reviewed shoe organizers can be closed to secure the shoes from dust, mainly if you stay for too long before wearing them.

They also have breathable materials to ensure no foul smell can accumulate in the shoe organizer. So, find the right design for your kids or personal use.