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10 Best USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaners of 2024

Do you know that your computer keyboard has more germs than a toilet? To make sure that your keyboard stays clean, you can make use of a USB vacuum keyboard cleaner. It is easy to use and makes sure there will be superior cleaning. A USB vacuum keyboard cleaner allows you to power it with the help of your computer’s USB port. It is in a versatile design and allows you to clean in difficult corners. Here is the list of the top 10 best USB vacuum keyboard cleaners of 2024.

Best USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaners Review

10. Elgood Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Elgood USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaners

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This USB vacuum keyboard cleaner leaves no dead angles after cleaning. The battery-operated module also makes the cleaning process wireless. Moreover, the equipment involves the construction of durable ABS plastic construction. The brush head comes with firm yet soft nylon bristles. Hence, this cleaning tool offers consistent cleaning.

The mini vacuum cleaner also runs without producing noises. Furthermore, the inbuilt lithium-ion battery runs for a long time. This cleaning tool picks up eraser residues, dust, hair, crumbs, and more. However, you can use this tool for almost 3-hours with a single charge. Nevertheless, the ergonomic handle design provides a secured grip.

Reasons To Buy

  • Has a low-noise suction power.
  • Consists of smooth nylon bristles.
  • Provides a comfortable curved grip.

9. LKTINA Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner


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The convenient handle design makes cleaning time hassle-free. Moreover, this cleaning tool also comes with a 360-degree cleaning function. Moreover, the heavy-duty ABS plastic construction makes this equipment has a large dust collector. The USB vacuum keyboard cleaner has a rechargeable 1200-mAh battery. Nevertheless, you can clean car seats, tables, keyboards, and cabinets.

The strong suction power also increases the practicality of this cleaner. Furthermore, the spiral blade design keeps your space free from debris. The washable filter can extend the lifespan of this cleaning tool. However, you can remove dust, pet hair, and pencil shavings by using this equipment.

Reasons To Buy

  • Picks up the finest dust particles.
  • Comes along with a cleaning brush.
  • Has a hardwearing plastic construction.

8. PGFUN Mini Vacuum Cleaner

PGFUN USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaners

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This mini vacuum cleaner comes along with a cleanable HEPA filter. The wireless cleaning function also increases the practicality of this equipment. Moreover, this handheld cleaner comes with three pieces of switchable nozzles. This equipment traps down pet fur, food particles, and small debris. Nevertheless, this USB vacuum keyboard cleaner feels ultra-light in weight.

You can also keep the sofas, keyboards, and car interiors. Furthermore, this handy tool makes your kitchen space look clean. The cleaner produces up to 4500-Pa suction power. However, the 5-volt cleaning tool runs without consuming excessive power. You can wash the HEPA filter to get hygienic cleaning.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes multiple cleaning heads.
  • The HEPA filtration system is cleanable.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery system.

7. PROZADALAN Desktop Vacuum Cleaner


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Equipped with a rechargeable battery, this USB vacuum keyboard cleaner runs complication-freely. This set also has a vacuum nozzle and a cleaning brush. You can always keep the cleaning filter clean by using this brush. Moreover, the low-noise motor runs by reducing the operational noises. Nevertheless, the 360-degree cleaning function makes this equipment quite functional.

This mini vacuum cleaner also cleans dust, powder, soot, and waste paper dust. Furthermore, you can use this tool for 4-hours continuous cleaning. The mouse-shaped cleaner provides users with a good grip. However, this cleaning tool can produce strong suction power. This tool supports micro-USB charging as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • Removes small dust particles.
  • Comes with a convenient dust collector.
  • Includes a cleaning brush for maintenance.

6. 10AGIRL Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

10AGIRL USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaners

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This cordless USB vacuum keyboard cleaner provides 70-minutes of cleaning time. You will also get two pieces of interchangeable nozzles. Moreover, the keyboard cleaner runs without producing excessive operational noises. The inbuilt 3000-mAh lithium battery makes this module work cordlessly. Nevertheless, this cleaner removes pet hair, paper scraps, coffee grounds, and more.

The cleaning process of this cleaner also lesser trouble causing. Furthermore, the USB interface makes charging hassle-free. This module comes with a highly functional filter. However, you can get rid of pet fur by using this tool. You can clean computers, laptops, car interiors, and cabinets as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • Offers exceptional suction power.
  • Comes with a long cleaning time.
  • Includes two interchangeable nozzles.

5. JAOK Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner


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This handy tool helps you to keep your car space clean and fresh. By picking the small dust particles, this cleaner also makes cleaning trouble-free. Moreover, this equipment cleans desk spaces, sofas, keyboards, and other narrow surfaces. This vacuum cleaner works with noise levels of only 75-dB. Nevertheless, this portable cleaner comes with two different vacuum nozzles.

The functional brush head also keeps your space perfectly clean. Furthermore, this set includes a slit nozzle. Therefore, you can pick up debris from narrow spaces. The exceptional sealing capacity draws in more air to opt for better cleaning. However, the ultra-silent motor never produces excessive noises during operation.

Reasons To Buy

  • The filter media is washable.
  • Draws more air into the tube.
  • Perfect for cleaning super-tight places.

4. FRUITEAM Mini Vacuum Cordless Cleaner

FRUITEAM USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaners

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This portable USB vacuum keyboard cleaner works without any cord. This handheld module also comes with an LED work light. Therefore, you can see the working spot. Moreover, the premium-quality filter traps down dust particles like a pro. Equipped with a 2200-mAh battery, you can use this cleaner for 15-minutes.

You can pick up pencil shavings, breadcrumbs, and more. This mini cleaner is suitable for study tables, kitchens, and other spaces. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner comes along with two nozzles. The equipment has multiple cleaning nozzles for targeted cleaning. However, the provided cleaning brush lets you keep the filter dust-free.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes along with LED working lights.
  • Consists of an efficient cleaning filter.
  • Produces consistent cyclonic cleaning power.

3. Prowithlin Desktop Vacuum Cleaner


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This USB vacuum keyboard cleaner produces high suction power. The silent motor also works consistently and without fading out. Moreover, this desktop vacuum cleaner has a detachable vacuum nozzle. You can use this tool for cleaning your desktop, keyboard, and computer. Nevertheless, the mouse-like design allows you to use this cleaner for longer.

This mini vacuum also has a universal USB charging cable. Furthermore, this equipment can clean dust, pet hair, eraser shredding, and more. This machine provides a cleaning time of 4-hours with a single charge. However, this kit includes a cleaning brush. You can remove the shredding of pencils and food particles from tight spaces.

Reasons To Buy

  • Targets on tight spaces.
  • Comes with a universal USB cable.
  • Runs without producing excessive noises.

2. Brigii Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Brigii USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaners

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The dual-action cleaning tool comes along with multiple cleaning attachments. The lithium-ion battery technology also retains the charge for a long time. Moreover, this handheld cleaner runs for almost 20-minutes with a single charge. This machine produces powerful suction. Therefore, you can clear dust in no time. However, the multiple attachments extend your reach to tight spaces.

This cordless model also cleans keyboards, cabinets, and workstation spaces. Furthermore, the dual-action blowing function lessens the cleaning time. You can keep your car interior clean by using this cleaner. Nevertheless, this tool is the best choice for pet owners. You can utilize both the blowing and absorbing functions.

Reasons To Buy

  • Serves as a dust blower.
  • Consists of a particulate HEPA filter.
  • Offers both absorbing and blowing functions.

1. ODISTAR Desktop Vacuum Cleaner


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Keeping desk space clean is a challenging job for students. This battery-operated USB vacuum keyboard cleaner also runs smoothly and silently. Moreover, you can use this tool in your home, school, and office. The provided charging cable lets you keep this device always ready for cleaning. You can remove the shredding of erasers and dust by using this tool.

The automatic shut-off function also reduces unnecessary electricity wastage. Furthermore, the 1600-mAh battery makes charging rapid and easy. You can use this mini cleaner continuously for 400-minutes. The dust sweeper keeps your computers, keyboards, and desktop mess-free. However, you can clean cigarette ash, dust, dog hair, and paper scraps.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with higher suction power.
  • Removes different types of shredding.
  • Offers quick and hassle-free charging.

Buying Guide For USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner

Suction Power: Suction power is one of the most important factors that you will have to see while buying a USB vacuum keyboard cleaner. It must deliver exceptional performance so that you can remove all the unwanted particles. Some can also come with filters so that there will be easy cleaning. You will have to see if it offers you many options.

Nozzles: Consider investing in the one that includes multiple nozzles. This will make sure there will be superior cleaning, and you can see if it lets you clean in difficult areas.

Easy to Use: Always go for the one that lets you use it conveniently. It has to be safe to use and comes with better ergonomics. Some of it can also include an LED light that lets you know the status. Apart from this, you can see if it comes with a long cable for having maximum flexibility. You need to go for the one that is ideal for everyday purposes.

Versatility: The one that is available in a multi-functional design will be an ideal purchase. You will have to see if it lets you use it for different types of electronic devices. Select the one that helps to remove dust and dirt.

Accessories: If you are looking to make the maximum out of the USB vacuum keyboard cleaner, then you will have to see if it comes with multiple accessories. It serves great to make your life easier and delivers excellent performance. You can easily use it for cleaning your entire computer and other items.


Your keyboard needs regular cleaning for personal hygiene as well as proper smoothness of operation. You can buy a vacuum cleaner for your keyboard, and such a cleaner is quite compact, and you can clean not just the keyboard but also various such objects. The buying guide contains all the necessary information you should know before purchasing.