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10 Best Wireless Barcode Scanners of 2024 Review

Keeping track of your inventory in a warehouse, shop, or supermarket is crucial since it helps monitor your stocks. The barcode scanner is the most convenient gadget to use since it scans and saves all the stock codes in your shop. To ensure more convenience, especially in movements and scanning items packed at a distance, a wireless barcode scanner is a perfect option.

The wireless barcode scanners are powered by rechargeable batteries and thus, have high signal transmission. These barcode scanners have varying scanning power and storage modes where some can keep up to 500,000 codes. Here are the top ten best wireless barcode scanners worth investing in today.

Best Wireless Barcode Scanners Review

10. REALINN Wireless Barcode Scanner 2D QR Code Scanner

REALINN Wireless Barcode Scanners

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Although the inbuilt 2000mAh rechargeable battery on this barcode scanner may take a while to recharge, rest assured the battery is quite durable. You will stay for a long period before you recharge it. It comes with a USB for charging such that you can charge it with your PC as you continue to work.

This is also a 2 in 1 barcode scanner that supports both the 2.4G wireless and USB wired scanning depending on where you are working. The barcode scanner does not require any software to connect with other devices, making the connection and use easy.

Special features

  • This barcode scanner is compatible with multiple window devices and Mac too
  • The materials crafting consists of shock-absorbent models
  • It is easy to connect and use
  • Supports two use modes

9. Alacrity 2D 1D QR Industrial Barcode Scanner with Stand

Alacrity Wireless Barcode Scanners

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Although this wireless barcode scanner is made with ABS materials, it has the quality and robust construction to withstand shock and high impacts if it drops on the ground. It is a barcode scanner that you can comfortably utilize from anywhere as it has an inbuilt stand.

If you work in a warehouse, I would recommend this scanner since dustproof materials prevent dust from penetrating the interior parts. This is a 3 in 1 barcode scanner connected through the Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and wired USB 3 connection modes. This is a flexible wireless barcode scanner with high compatibility with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac devices.

Special features

  • This barcode scanner has three connection modes
  • Has 2D advanced image reader
  • The barcode scanner has a high functioning speed
  • Has quality premium materials design

8. 1D 2D QR Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner


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This is an advanced wireless barcode scanner with an LCD to display the battery level, connection status, and real-time. The barcode has three connection modes so that you can select the most comfortable method from your device. These connections are; USB, 2.4G wireless, or Bluetooth connection.

Some of the devices you can integrate with this barcode for scanning are; PC windows, android devices, iOS, and even Mac. You don’t necessarily need to scan commodities from proximity since this barcode scanner has a transmission range of 150m to 492 feet away, depending on where you use it from.

Special features

  • This barcode is customizable to meet every user’s needs
  • It has a stable base for holding it firmly
  • It works with most 1D and 2D codes
  • Has three connection modes

7. Wireless Bluetooth Ring Finger Mini Barcode Scanner

symcode Wireless Barcode Scanners

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Consider getting this model if you need a barcode scanner that you can move around with when working. It features a ring-style to wear it on your finger while working or carrying it in the store. Although it has a compact style, this barcode scanner still functions like other bigger models.

The barcode scanner has two connection modes whereby you can connect it through the 2.4G Wireless and Bluetooth mode. The scanner can scan at a distance of 30 feet, a great deal for people working in a warehouse or stacked store.

Special features

  • This barcode scanner supports 1D and 2 D codes
  • It is comfortable to work with
  • Increases productivity since it is portable
  • Can transmit at a distance of 30 feet away
  • The battery lasts for 720 hours and takes 1 1/2 hours to recharge

6. Eyoyo 1D Bluetooth Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner


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This is a wireless barcode scanner that you can wear on your finger to scan while you do other jobs at the work station. It features a ring design, and it is light, so you don’t feel too much weight on your finger. This barcode scanner has three connection modes where you can choose to connect with USB cable devices, 2.4G Wireless, or Bluetooth wireless connection mode.

It has a rechargeable battery with low power consumption so you can work for a long. Note that this ring wireless barcode scanner is compatible with multiple 1D codes.

Special features

  • You can configure this barcode scanner to multiple settings
  • Has three connection modes
  • It is super light in weight
  • The scanner works with all 1D codes

5. ScanAvenger Wireless 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

ScanAvenger Wireless Barcode Scanners

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Manage inventory in your workshop or supermarket by scanning them with this wireless barcode scanner from Scanvenger. It features a unique gun like structure that gives an ergonomic surface for comfortable holding to work. With three connection modes to choose from, this barcode scanner allows you to connect it to various working devices.

It is also suitable for a wide range of work industries since it is compatible with both 1D and 2 D codes. Another feature you will enjoy about this barcode scanner is the long-range scanning mode. It can transmit signals to a distance of 656 feet away in an open space and 300 feet away indoors.

Special features

  • Connects via Bluetooth, USB, and 2.4 G wireless mode
  • It scans 1D and 2 D codes
  • This barcode scanner is compatible with multiple devices
  • Has large-signal transmission

4. USB Wireless Barcode Scanner with Stand


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If you have a large warehouse with stocks piled on upper shelves, this barcode scanner will enable you to take records of your items. A wireless barcode scanner with a signal transmits a range of up to 200 meters away outdoors or 100 meters away when used indoors. This barcode scanner is also multifunctional as you can use it in multiple industries, including at the supermarket.

Connecting to other devices is easy as it does not require any cabling. One feature that makes this a reliable barcode scanner for a busy space is the reading speed. It can scan 100 codes within a second. The barcode has an ergonomic design, plus has anti-shock material for durability. One crucial factor worth noting is that this barcode scanner does not work with a square terminal, and cannot scan QR codes.

Special features

  • This barcode scans 100,000 codes
  • Comes with an inbuilt durable lithium battery
  • You can recharge it with a USB cable
  • Features 2 connection mode

3. Inateck Barcode Scanner, Wireless Scanne


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When working with this wireless barcode scanner, your comfort is guaranteed since it features a lightweight and compact design. So, you can comfortably scan thousands of stock nonstop with it. Besides that, this gadget is wireless to allow flexibility when working. Connecting this barcode scanner to devices is easy as it has Bluetooth connection mode.

Another feature that makes it an excellent barcode scanner for every shop is its accuracy when working. It recognizes significant codes like USPS, FedEx Code 32 and UPS. You can customize this barcode scanner to meet your needs and the kind of your shop. The major customizable modes include; auto scanning, hiding characters, and adding prefix/suffix.

Special features

  • This barcode scanner can work at a distance of 35 meters away
  • The scanner features high accuracy power
  • Connects to devices through Bluetooth
  • The battery lasts for up to 15 days before a recharge

2. NETUM Wireless Barcode Scanner Compatible with Bluetooth

NETUM Bluetooth Barcode

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A barcode that you can carry around the work area is convenient since you cannot work from a single point. This barcode from NETUM is designed for such use, plus it has a lightweight design for portability needs. This barcode scanner connects via three modes, making it easy to connect with different devices, including Android and iOS.

It also has a reliable transmission power whereby it can read codes from a further distance of up to 50 meters indoors and 164 feet away outdoors.

Special features

  • The barcode has both upload and storage mode
  • It connects via three modes
  • Has a portable and comfortable scanner to work with
  • It saves up to 5000 codes

1. NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanners

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Suppose you are looking for a convenient barcode reader to use in a busy area like a warehouse, supermarket, or fast-moving store. In that case, this model from NADAMOO is a recommendable option. The barcode features strong reading signals since it can easily detect and read an item from a distance. It has a transmission of 400 meters away in open space and 100 meters away indoors.

The barcode is super comfortable to use from anywhere as it does not require any cabling. Just connect a USB receiver and start to scan. This gadget features two operating modes depending on the kind of business you carry out. You can either choose instant upload mode or storage mode.

Special features

  • The internal storage mode supports up to 100,000 barcodes
  • Features key trigger scanning mode or automatic mode
  • Has a long-distance signal transmission power


These are the best wireless barcode scanners on the market worth considering. These are convenient barcode scanners that allow flexibility when working since you can scan inventory from a distance. They are crafted with ergonomic design and lightweight for portability. So, find the most comfortable cordless barcode scanner from these ten options.