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10 Best Computer Soundbars in 2024

A soundbar is an excellent speaker that one can buy for their computer system to having an excellent experience. It is a compact sound system that asks for minimal setup from the users and known for delivering a solid sound quality. The selection of the best computer soundbars isn’t an easier task, especially if you have limited knowledge. We know that readers coming here are looking for a high-quality model that gives a top-class audio experience.

Here, there is a professional team of experts available for helping the users in deciding the right unit. They have researched for many hours and created a list of the top 10 best computer soundbars after checking nearly 30 models. Let’s check out every model mentioned here and choose the one you like the appropriate.

List of Best Computer Soundbars Review

10. Maboo USB Powered Sound Bar (best beginner-friendly model)

Marboo Computer Soundbars

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The most significant option for beginning this list is this USB powered soundbar that one can operate quite conveniently. It is a high-quality model having a maximum output of 6W that gives justice to the price tag for sure.

Another important prospect of this unit is its unique and smoother design that enhances the experience for sure. Additionally, it offers a great sort of compatibility allowing you to connect it with lots of devices.


  • Very smooth & stylish appearance
  • Provide impressive sound quality
  • Highly improved design
  • Available at a very affordable price


  • Not as durable as other options in the list

9. Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar


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We will place Sound BlasterX at the ninth position considering its ability to boost PC gaming and music experience. It is a 7.1 multi-channel soundbar having 5-driver design and tons of connectivity options.

There is an integrated LED system added by the company for improving the performance.


  • Very sleek & beautiful design
  • Equipped with Dolby technology
  • Delivered with a durable remote control
  • Lots of connectivity options


  • A short cable might be an issue for a few buyers

8. Dell AC511 Soundbar (best for bass)

Dell Computer Soundbars

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Music lovers who like to have bass in their sound system can think about buying the Dell AC 511. It is an impressive wired soundbar that always delivers crisp & clear sound to the users. No matter, you want to enjoy an action movie or want to improve the gaming experience, it will certainly fulfill your needs.

The presence of a built-in USB connector helps in handling the audio & power conveniently for the users. Its compact design ensures a better connection with the computer.


  • An integrated volume control knob
  • Extremely compact & simple design
  • Boost private listening
  • Compatible with all types of monitors


  • Few users not happy with its static performance

7. MICA Wired Computer Sound Bar (best-wired computer soundbar)


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The seventh position is accommodated by this wired soundbar that offers high-performance audio. It has two 5W speakers providing clear and crispy sound in a pretty range.

There is very wide compatibility offered by this soundbar allowing you to connect it with many different systems.


  • Available in two beautiful variants
  • Very clear stereo sound
  • Compatible with all multimedia devices
  • Superb maximum output power


  • Bass is average at its best

6. Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar

Yamaha Computer Soundbars

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Known for its impressive bass, the Yamaha YAS-108 is a solid subwoofer that delivers with a convenient to use setup. You can connect this soundbar to the computer using an AUX, optical, or HDMI cable. The availability of Bluetooth technology makes sure you can switch between two devices quite easily.

There s no way you will face any issues while enjoying video chatting thanks to enhanced dialogue clarity available in this unit.


  • Give deep bass levels
  • Awesome Bluetooth streaming
  • Easy to switch
  • Provide enhanced clarity


  • Very costly to buy

5. Soulion R30 Computer Speaker (best budget-friendly pick)


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The Soulion R30 is specially created for catering to the needs of buyers having a limited budget. It is a solid PC speaker offering a clear and powerful sound to the system. This speaker set is easy to use and control even if you are buying for the first time.

It is one of the best computer soundbars having a slanted design that helps in a better convention of sound. There are many brilliant light effects present in this unit for making the environment colorful.


  • Slippery touch for better convenience
  • Easy to turn on & off
  • A brilliant volume control system
  • Impressive sound effects


  • Pitch noise needs to be better
  • Reliability should have been better

4. JBL Bar Channel Soundbar 2.0 (best Bluetooth soundbar)

JBL Computer Soundbars

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Giving full value for the money, this soundbar from the JBL brand is definitely worthy enough to buy. Its Bluetooth connectivity coverage is pretty amazing which makes it a solid option to buy when coupled with quality construction. The sound you can enjoy with this equipment is better than the expectation of most buyers.

It works comfortably with a TV remote control thanks to the HDMI connection. We will say this model is brilliant to shop tabletop soundbar that you shouldn’t miss shopping.


  • Impressive dual bass port design
  • Quality music streaming
  • Brilliant output power
  • Available at a good price


  • Drops sound in few purchases
  • Very few issues with volume loss

3. Razer Nommo Chroma Speaker (best for gaming)


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If you are a pro gamer, we suggest investing money in the Chroma Speaker having optimized speakers. It has 3-inch woven glass fiber drivers known for creating tighter sound having higher frequencies and distinct layers. There is a pretty terrific bass output for making audio richer & fuller.

It is equipped with a brass knob having automatic gain control for fine-tuning output. Furthermore, late-night gaming becomes pretty amazing with the presence of this soundbar for computers.


  • Give very rich audio sound
  • Boosts the bass output
  • Provide a supreme level of clarity
  • Equipped with distinct layers


  • Software ask for recommendation frequently
  • Create issues for wide desks

2. Creative Stage 2.1 Channel Soundbar (runners up)

Creative Computer Soundbars

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Available in two amazing variants, this soundbar is a terrific model crafted by the manufacturer in a subtle design. It is creative equipment having a wall mounting kit for making the installation convenient & quicker. This product has a dual driver along with a subwoofer for filling the room with worthy audio.

There are super easy controls added to the unit that you work brilliantly using the remote for better convenience. It is an impressive soundbar that can operate with computers for enjoying movies, music, and even gaming.


  • Provide stunning midrange abilities
  • Pretty deep & amazing bass
  • Give enhanced dialog clarity
  • Convenient to use remote control


  • Battery usage is pretty low
  • USB cable is made from cheap quality

1. Razer Leviathan Sound Bar (editor’s choice)


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The top position is accommodated by the Razer Leviathan Sound bar equipped with edge Dolby technology and excellent sound drivers for providing a dedicated sound. It is an incredible option for individuals looking to play action gaming.

It has aptX technology for making the connection seamless and wireless. That’s not all; it also comes with 3.5 mm audio ports for connecting computers that don’t have Bluetooth technology.


  • Develop solid 5.1 surround sound
  • Handle midrange & bass frequencies adequately
  • Equipped with multiple drivers for better bass
  • Fully balanced sound


  • Issues about auto-sleep feature
  • Missing instructions might be an issue for a few

How to choose the best computer soundbars?

The factors need to address computer soundbars are pretty long. We are going to mention the major ones in detail below:

  • Size

The main thing to address in the soundbar is its size because the main reason people buy it for their computers is to save space. The picks mentioned in this post range from 16 to 23 inches making sure you easily find the one that suits your needs.

  • Connectivity

The next thing to check in the computer soundbar is its connectivity level. It can be either connected through the 3.5 mm audio cable or Bluetooth connectivity. You should select the one that your needs adequately without causing any issue.

  • Sound

Another thing that requires careful evaluation is what kind of sound system it has. Some models come with stereo sound, while others have 5.1 surround sound systems. We suggest buying the ones that fulfill your sound needs.

  • Budget

The budget is a critical part of everything we shop for, and the same goes for computer soundbars. It ranges anywhere between US$ 30 & US$ 100 and even more. You should purchase the one that fits in your pocket with minimal trouble.

  • Durability

The next prospect that shouldn’t be missed during the selection process is what kind of durability possesses by the computer soundbar. It should have a solid outer body that makes sure the unit can withstand accidental falls without issues. Having this feature will ensure that the product lasts long for many years.

Best Computer Soundbars – Frequently Asked Questions

Do soundbars work adequately with the computer system?

The main motive of the soundbar is to make the quality of sound better in computers while watching movies and playing games. Connecting the soundbars with the computer is pretty easier and convenient, even for beginners.

Is it easy to connect a soundbar with the computer?

The simplest way to connect the soundbar with the system is by using the standard 3.5 mm Jack. It will allow the unit to use the soundbar as an external speaker. Nowadays, there are many models equipped with Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to connect the soundbar without wires.

Is the soundbar compatible with laptops?

Yes, you won’t face any issue while connecting the soundbar with the laptop at all. All you need to use is plugging the AUX cable into the soundbar and connect it to the side of the laptop.

Can soundbar used for replacing TV speakers?

The real purpose of a soundbar is to replace the TV speakers in reality, but they work brilliantly with computers. The users install it for improving the echo and making the sound better for the users. Moreover, you can use both a TV speaker and a soundbar at the same time.

Is it easy to connect a soundbar with USB?

The soundbar works perfectly for playing the music files on the USB quite convincingly. There is a MicroUSB port on the soundbar that we can use for doing this work.

Can we connect multiple devices to my soundbar?

Most soundbars are equipped with two HDMI inputs and an HDMI output that make sure you can easily connect it with two external sources. For e.g. you can use one source for the cable box and the other one for the gaming console. The thing we want to say is you can connect two devices with the soundbars for sure.

Which is better to connect Soundbar- Optical or HDMI?

Please understand that both these cables are pretty affordable to buy. The main thing you need to understand here is HDMI cables are capable of passing high-resolution audio that even includes Blu-ray. On the other hand, you can’t transmit these frequencies using the optical cable. So, we will suggest using the HDMI between these two.


A soundbar is a compact sound system that allows increasing the quality of music without asking for too much setup. They are only better than the integrated monitor speakers if you bought the right model. We have presented the best computer soundbars list for making sure our readers can easily make a choice. Having a perfect soundbar will ensure you can enjoy a perfect sort of entertainment with a minimalist setup.

Do you still have any questions regarding the computer soundbar? If yes, then write about it in the comment section so we can answer it carefully.