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Top 10 Best Glow In The Dark Tapes in 2024

Do you like those fluorescent glowing lights at a party? Or want to decorate your room with these? Then you will have always got the option to order some. Not only ideal for making the party happening, the glow in the dark tapes even comes to emergency use. Having different color options, will not harm as these are fully safe. Most importantly, it will not leave any residue and provide a clean look. So, why holding back?

In the glow in the review of the dark tape, you will get all details as no points have been spared. Each product is unique in its own way and you will feel fascinated sticking these.

Best Glow In The Dark Tapes in 2024 Reviews

10. ShurtechMini Duct Tape

Shurtech Best Glow In The Dark Tapes

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If you have been looking for tape, which will be easy to carry around, you need not look any further. This glow in the dark tape will easily fit into your pocket, so you can take it anywhere you like to decorate. In case you are a little clumsy, this duct tape will come to great aid for you. By marking out things like lights and stairs in your home, you will never trip and easily be able to turn on the bathroom lights at night without a struggle.

Lastly, to make things even more fun, Shurtech makes the tape available in a range of different designs.

Key Features

  • For trust in quality, it is completely designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • It is certainly 6-ft long and so, will cover a lot of projects. Plus, it’s .75-inches wide as well.
  • Weighing 0.64 ounces, it will simply feel weightless.

9. IPG Intertape Fire Fly

IPG - Industrial

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As the name suggests, this product really shines as bright as little fireflies at night. With the number of different versatile uses, this product can also be used outdoors. Therefore, now you can illuminate more than just your home. The bright fluorescent glow of the tape goes on for many hours before eventually fading out. Furthermore, they get recharged in the morning by themselves. Therefore, they will flow every single night once you apply them where you want.

In case you want to put the light in a place where there is not much natural light, it can also get powered by artificial light.

Key Features

  • Ample pigment has been added to the luminous tape. Hence, the tape can get recharged even with just normal and ambient light.
  • As an added plus, the glow in the dark tape also promises to have great resistance to UV light.
  • Even when used outdoors, the product does not show much degradation.

8. Gerts Glow House Luminous Tape

Gerts Glow House Best Glow In The Dark Tapes

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This is a really unique piece of product. If you are tired of the neon green glow, this tape will sweep you off your feet with its amazing appearance. The product comes in a bright aqua tinted glow, making it look much more unique than the usual green ones in the dark. Further, the tape also vouches to be waterproof. Needless to say, even if you put the tape somewhere outside, no sudden downpour can ruin your fun and efforts.

Besides, you do not have to worry about compatibility with this product. This self-adhesive tape will stick to any surface without a problem.

Key Features

  • As an added bonus, the tape is removable. In case you want to use the product for a one time use, you can easily get it off as well.
  • Being a good 5 meters long in length, the tape will last you for a long time before you need to buy a new one.
  • As it is waterproof, this will not ruin lose its stickiness at all.

7. UOOOM Luminous Tape

DUOFIRE Best Glow In The Dark Tapes

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With a wide selection of different sizes, you will be able to get just as much tape you need with this product. The product promises to have really high luminescent. It can work really well even with just a bit of natural light. The tape can continue to glow brightly for a long time without fading any of the original brightness.

Being waterproof, the tape will not come off even if you mop your stairs after applying the tape on the steps. The tape has a photoluminescent glow as it’s the primary material. This makes it really durable, so it can give you an extended service.

Key Features

  • The product can be used as emergency markers, as well as illuminate your room.
  • You can and reuse it for a long period of time as it will function for a really long time.
  • One can recharge it with the help of UV rays for bright results.

6. AKDSteel Luminous Tape


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This product is as innovative with the appearance as it is with the functionality. Not only the generic colors, but AKDSteel makes the luminous tape available in a combination of different interesting colors, allowing you to have a truly exclusive experience when it comes to glowing in the dark.

Since it is specially designed as a stage warning strip, it is really easy to remove as well, without damaging or leaving any residue. Although it is suited as stage warning lights, the tape is versatile enough to be used in various other places.

Key Features

  • The tape is really convenient to cut so that you can apply it anywhere you like without any hassle.
  • This is 3 meters long and you can do a lot of creative works with its use.
  • You certainly get 6 different color options in one set.

5. Miloo Glow in The Dark Tape

Miloo Best Glow In The Dark Tapes

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This product makes use of the luminous material of the tape. Therefore, you have a matchless illumination in the dark. The tape allows you a lot of flexibility. The product has a really strong resistance and this essentially increases life. Ideal for any individual of any age, this will be a show stopper of any party.

Moreover, whenever you will apply or even remove it, this will not leave any residue and you will get a clean surface. This works well on any surface and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Key Features

  • Choices vary with different individuals. For that reason, the tape is available in 2 different colors of pink and green.
  • The tape has a smooth cutting, so you can easily stack it in bits and pieces anywhere you like.
  • You get a total of 33-ft product for making the most out of it.

4. XFasten Glow in The Dark Tape


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This exclusive tape provides an exceptional adhesion so that the tape does not come off itself. While the tape is really adhesive, it is easily removable at the same time. The tape promises there will be no residue once you want to remove it, making it an awesome choice for one time parties, or shows. The product makes use of premium quality green pigment. This gives the tape an intense glow like nothing you have seen before.

As a matter of fact, it is fully hypoallergenic and is certainly free of any toxicity. Finally, it is even weatherproof and will not harm the quality of the product in any way.

Key Features

  • Since the product takes only a minimal 30 minutes to get fully charged, you hardly have to wait to use the tape.
  • No matter what type of shape, the tape is really easy to use and sits comfortably on any shape.
  • When it comes to safety, it is safe plus has a 7-year operational plan for your own benefit.

3. Jearls Luminous Tape 


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This tape with its exquisite aqua blue color with its appearance stands out among the rest of the products available in the market. The tape is thoughtfully designed to be waterproof. Thus, even if you want your bathroom to glow, this tape will make it happen. Besides, being able to stick to any surface, you can use this luminous tape anywhere you like.

However, you can take comfort in knowing that the product is completely safe for you to use. It is non-toxic, as also non-radioactive. Having great UV stability, the product will not show any noticeable degradation.

Key Features

  • Since each person has a different need, this product is made available in different sizes to cater to everybody.
  • For one time uses like theatre or parties, this tape can be removed without leaving any undesirable residue on the surface.
  • The tape uses environment-friendly material and will cause no harm to any segment of society.

2. Glocarnival Tape


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Name your requirement, and this glow in the dark tape is sure to be already catering to it. The product makes use of the vinyl used for the product is completely safe, devoid of any toxins. Not only that, but it is also non-radioactive. If that was not enough, the tape is also hypoallergenic, and therefore resistant to allergens. The adhesive has a special anti-slip grip, so it never comes off unless you want it to. Since the product is removable as well as reusable, the tape is cost-efficient as well.

On top of that, the tape is also heat resistant, as well as anti-freezing, making it immune to all elements. Having a smooth surface, the product has better resistance to readability, making the tape last longer. Added to that, the tape also has great tensile strength.

Key Features

  • It promises no discoloration even with extended usage.
  • The tape makes sure to use the brightest fluorescent shade available, so it glows the best in the dark.
  • One amazing feature of the product is that it is waterproof. Therefore, you can even apply the tape outdoors without any fear of rain.

1. Lockport Tape Glow in The Dark Tape

 Lockport Best Glow In The Dark Tapes

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When it comes to quality, Lockport makes no compromises. The superior quality tape will blow for a long time before they need a recharge. At one time, they can flow for a good 8 hours straight. This glow in the dark tape is multi-purpose and can be used to mark out all the emergency exits in the venue. As a result, prevents any accidents which may happen in the dark. Moreover, the tape sticks really well so that they can remain attached to the surface for a long time.

The tape is non-reflective. Therefore, they will be clearly visible from far off without hurting your eyes.

Key Features

  • Having a bright fluorescent green neon glow, you can easily identify the tape from a long distance.
  • This has a strong bond and will not come off.
  • It is also used to mark out lights in the dark.

Coming to multipurpose use, take the perfect glow in the dark tape measure and make its use in a diverse manner. These tapes are one of a kind and are both ideals for parties as well as emergency use.