10 Best Motorcycle Dash Cams in 2021

With multiple types and models of dash cameras on the market, finding the right motorcycle model can be a bit draining. Well, if you are in this situation, this article will suit you. We are going to review the top ten best dash cameras for motorcycles on the market.

These dashboards are safe since they provide both rear and front views to monitor your moves on the road. They have large memories to save all your outdoor moves. Here are the top ten best motorcycle dash cams.

List of Best Motorcycle Dash Cams Review

10. THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam for Motorcycle

THINKWARE Best Motorcycle Dash Cams

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You don’t necessarily need to manually start this dashcam when you turn on your motorbike since it has an automatic on and off. Meaning, the dash can start to record your bike starts immediately and stops when you stop the motorbike. The built-in WIFI makes it easy to share your recording with smart devices like a phone, and you can also search for routes through smartphones.

The other great feature on this dash cam is the loop recording that overwrites when the SD is full, so you can continually get recordings on the camera while on the move. The dashcam ensures you get crystal clear video images since it has an Electronic image stabilizer essential for reducing vibration and blurriness when you move in dark areas. The casing of this motorcycle dash cam has waterproof material to suit people who ride in rainy seasons.

Special features

  • This dashcam is compatible with android and iOS smartphones
  • The casing has waterproof materials
  • Has automatic on and off mechanism
  • Features loop recording

9. Garmin Dash Cam 45, 1080p 2.0″ LCD Screen


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This is a mini dashcam ideal for motorbike, and the best part is that you can comfortably mount it at the windshield. However, the compact size does not limit the great functionality of the gadget. The dashcam is GPS enabled and has the G-sensor to record and save the incidents of every place you visit.

Even when you ride your bike at night, rest assured this dash cam will keep the recordings since it features a high-resolution power of 1080P, ideal for recording even in poorly lit places. The 2 inches LCDs up to 320 x 240 pixels for clear visibility of the recorded videos.

Special features

  • This dashcam has 2 inches LCD
  • Has GPS and G sensor
  • The dashcam is quite small
  • Can record even in dark places

8. GoPro HD Motorsports Hero

GoPro Best Motorcycle Dash Cams

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This is a full HD dashcam with a resolution power of 1080P such that you can still efficiently record in dark or poorly lit areas. Mounting the dashcam to your motorbike does not take long, and it has a compact style to save space. This dash cam’s high recording speed is recommendable since it can capture up to 60 frames within a second with up to 720 resolutions.

The dashcam also has liquid-smooth slow-motion playback in case you need to track some events captured on the dashcam. The quality of material crafting guarantees its durability.

Special features

  • Mounting this dash cam is easy
  • It can be mounted on multiple areas including on the helmet
  • The dashcam can record at an angle of 170 degrees
  • Records 60 frames per second

7. Motorcycle Recording Camera System HaloCam M1, 1080P


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This motorcycle dashcam is compatible with multiple mounting modes such that you can also equip it on your helmet. It has a compact and lightweight style to eliminate bulkiness. The dual-lens mechanism ensures you capture the best on the road from the front and the back.

The dashcam has a high-resolution power of 1080P to ensure you get clear videos without any blurriness. This also makes it easy to capture videos in dark areas. The dashcam has WIFI integration to connect with your smartphone to have a preview from the phone.

Special features

  • Has a high-resolution power
  • Has a GPS and WIFI integration mode
  • Features a 2.7 LCD
  • Captures videos at 155 degrees

6. ZOMFOM Dash Cam Waterproof Recording Camera for Motorcycle

ZOMFOM Best Motorcycle Dash Cams

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The large 3 inch LCD on this bike dash can provide a large recording space to have a wider record. It is perfect for bikers since it enables them to record all the road events when racing. This dashcam is designed with a large storage space of up to 256 GB to save HD videos and images.

This is an HD dash cam worth every penny since it records crispy clear images with a resolution power of 1920 x1080P//30fps, while the quality lenses can capture up to 5 million pixels. The dash comes with both front and rear lenses, so you don’t miss up on anything on the road.

Special features

  • Has IP67 rated waterproof design
  • Has both WIFI and wired control modes
  • The dashcam has G-sensor
  • It automatically saves info within 3 seconds for emergency

5. VIOFO MT1 Motorcycle Dash Cam Front and Rear

VIOFO Best Motorcycle Dash Cams

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This is a quality motorcycle dash camera that gives both front and rear view for safety while on the road. Having waterproof and dustproof materials crafting the dash camera is safe to install in your chosen area, and you can use it even on rainy days. The lenses have a wide view since they can capture a wide space of up to 170 degrees both on the front and back section.

The lenses are also crafted to reduce blind spot view so you can comfortably record even in the dark areas. With a high resolution of 1080P 30pfs, this dash camera is reliable at all times. The dashcam has inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS, so you can connect with smart devices to share details.

Special features

  • Supports 256 GB memory card
  • Has WFI and GPS connection
  • Has IP66 Water and Dust Resistant design
  • Record an angle of up to 170 degrees wide

4. Dashcam, Dual 1080P Sports Accident Proof Camera DVR

VSYSTO Best Motorcycle Dash Cams

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This motorcycle dash camera has a 2 inch LCD plus two lenses that record both the front and back area. The unit has strong and durable metal materials with waterproof crafting to use throughout the year. The lenses are crafted with 6 layers of glasses for durability.

The unit also has a resolution power of HD 1080P that can record around 140 degrees angle on both sides. Another great feature we love about this dash camera is the WIFI connection that connects with smart devices so you can save the recordings. This dashcam ensures you can still record the surrounding even when the SD is full through the loop recording mode.

Special features

  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Can connect through WIFI
  • The lenses have 6 layers of glasses
  • Has a loop recording and sensor mechanism

3. VSYSTO Fish Eye Camera Motorcycle Recording Dashcam


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This motorcycle dash cam has the IMX323 Sensor plus dual lenses to capture both the front and rear areas. The high-resolution power of 1080 on the dashcam records at an angle of 130 degrees wide for an efficient view of a large distance. The dashcam can be connected to the motorcycle engine to supply power continually, mainly when traveling for a long distance.

Do you want to save your road recording on a smartphone? Well, this dash cam has a WIFI connection, so you can integrate it with a smartphone to share details. It also has the loop recording to make sure you save and record everything on the road, even when the SD gets full.

Special features

  • The lenses have six layers of glasses for safety
  • Can capture at an angle of 150 degrees wide
  • Has WIFI connection
  • The dashcam does not require constant recharging

2. Motorcycle Dash Cam Camera, Blueskysea DV688 Sportbike


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This dash cam’s high recording power makes it a great choice for sports bikes since you will not miss out on anything happening in the area you pass at. The dashcam has dual lenses for capturing both the front and back areas. With a resolution power of 1080p, this dash camera can capture at an angle of up to 130 degrees wide.

It features a 2.35 inches lens with night vision, so you can still capture info when riding the bike at night. The entire camera unit is IP67 rated to be waterproof, so you can still tag it when riding a bike under the weather.

Special feature

  • The 2.35-inch screen has a 960×480 dots display
  • The dashcam has waterproof materials construction
  • Comes with two lenses
  • It has a GPS connection

1. INNOVV K2 Dual Channel Motorcycle Motocam


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With GPS and WIFI connection modes, this motorcycle dash cam is perfect to tag when going to unknown areas. You can integrate it with your smart devices like a phone to maneuver different routes outdoors. It also has a waterproof casing to secure the cam from weather elements damages.

One special feature you will love about this dash cam is the parking mode, which automatically sets when you park the motorcycle for safety purposes. You can download the INNOVV App so you can remotely monitor the dash cam’s settings through Android and iOS phones.

Special features

  • The dashcam has two full HD lenses
  • Has a parking mode
  • The dashcam is compatible with smartphones through INNOV app
  • Has a GPS trigger


Record all that happens when racing with your motorbike using these above dash cams. They are convenient in mounting styles since you can mount them on the helmet and other places like the windshield. These dash cams are compatible with a smartphone through WIFI or Bluetooth to suit people who may need to share their road escapes. So, find your favorite dashcam from these ten models.

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