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10 Best 24 Inch Smart TVs of 2024 Review

4K HD smart TVs are taking over the market by storm due to their quality picture display and multiple inbuilt features. The good thing is that smart TVs come in varying sizes such that you can also get an excellent smart TV with 24 inches. The 24 Inch smart TVs are made with great features that do not compromise one’s viewing needs. Like other 4K TV models, the 24 inch

TVs support various browsing internet apps like Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu. These TVs can be used for watching, browsing, and gaming. Below are the top ten most recommendable 24 inch smart TVs in 2024

List of Best 24 Inch Smart TVs Review

LG Electronics 24LM530S-PU 24-Inch HD

LG Electronics Best 24 Inch Smart TVs

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If your laptop is not working for you when streaming your movies or music, try out this fantastic HD 24 inch TV from LG Electronics. The TV supports multiple internet streaming sources, including; Netflix, HULU, Youtube, Google TV, etc. This smart TV is a great choice for people living in apartments.

It does not too much space either on the wall or on your TV console. The HD view power delivers nothing but clear and accurate images. Therefore no more guessing about the colors displayed on your TV. Do you prefer connecting your TV with other smart devices? This LG, 24 Inch TV has an HDMI input that quickly connects with other devices via a cable.

Special features

  • This TV can be mounted or installed on a console
  • It features HDMI input
  • This TV has HD
  • Supports all streaming sources

LG 22LJ4540 22 Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED TV

LG 22LJ4540 22 Inch

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If you need a compact smart TV for gaming, this LG model is worth every dollar. For a fact, this TV ensures you get the clearest images and videos so you can focus better on your gaming. So, no straining your eyes trying to control your games! The TV has both LED and HD design to give better resolution power.

You can enjoy your gaming even at night thanks to the backlit equipped on the TV for good illumination. Controlling the TV is easy as it comes with a remote with a fur signal connection. Thus, you don’t need to change the channels from a close distance.

Special features

  • Has full HD 1920×1080 IPS Display
  • The TV has LED-backlit
  • The TV is energy efficient
  • Connects through HDMI

VIZIO D-Series 24″ 1080P Smart TV

VIZIO Best 24 Inch Smart TVs

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If you need a TV that you can install in your bedroom, this is a great smart TV to get. The TV supports all the internet streaming sources, so you don’t miss out on your favorite movies or series. You can stream from Hulu, NetFlix, or watch music on Youtube.

This is an upgraded version featuring the 3.0 smart casts, so you can comfortably stream your channels or content. The 1080 HD resolution and VIZIO D-series guarantee you get the best image contrast. Also, note that you can download the VIZIO-D series on another smart device for easy control of this TV.

Special features

  • This TV has more than 150 channels
  • The TV connects through Wireless, USB, Ethernet, HDMI
  • It is compatible with Apple Homekit
  • It has over 150 channels to stream

AXESS TV1705-24 24-Inch LED 760p HDTV


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This smart TV has multiple features that you will enjoy, mainly if you love watching for long hours or playing games. With a resolution that extends to 1633×768 and a contrast of 1000: 1, this TV can display pixels of up to 16.7 million. So, it is a great and quality smart TV worth investing in.

Apart from providing clear and high defined images, this TV has an excellent sound with 3-D video noise reduction. The TV features a sleek design, and you can either opt to mount on the wall or place it on a TV cabinet. Do you want to have a private gaming experience? You can connect headphones on the TV to conceal noises.

Special features

  • This TV has HDMI and USB connection modes
  • Has both LED and HD viewing
  • Controlling the TV is comfortable with a remote
  • It displays up to 16.7 million pixels

RCA RT2412 24-Inch 720p LED TV

RCA Best 24 Inch Smart TVs

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This 24 inches smart TV is the right choice for people who need a compact TV for small spaces like a kitchen or the office. With a resolution power of720P, the TV still delivers crisp, clear images. Besides that, this TV has LED-backlit that boosts brightness and color contrast, so you don’t strain with images displayed on the screen.

The Tv can be mounted on the wall to suit those who want to create space on the table. This TV’s response time is a feature we cannot ignore as it has a fast response time of around 8.5 MS with a refresh rate of 60hz. This TV has multiple connectivity options ranging from HDMI to USB.

Special features

  • This smart TV is remote controlled
  • Only weighs 8.5 pounds
  • Has an LED panel with 720 P resolutions
  • Mounting on the wall is easy

Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 24-inch Smart HD 720p TV


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If you are searching for a 24 inch smart TV on a budget, I suggest you consider this TV from Insignia. The TV is sold at a pocket-friendly cost as it retails at less than 150 dollars. Nonetheless, this TV is powerful and has great features that accommodate different viewers. Whether you love to stream the latest movies and series or love to game occasionally, this TV will meet your needs.

With this smart TV, you can stream more than 500,000 channels and movies. On top of this, the TV is compatible with various streaming apps, so you can add to your list of what is not found on the available channels. Controlling the TV from a distance is easy since it supports Alexa. So you sit down, relax, and enjoy your favorite movies or programs on this TV.

Special features

  • This TV is controlled with voice command by Alexa
  • Has multiple streams to access
  • The TV supports internet streaming apps
  • It has WIFI connectivity

SANSUI 24 Inch TV 720P Basic S24 LED HD TV

SANSUI Best 24 Inch Smart TVs

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The sleek design with large view resolution ensures you can comfortably view this TV from multiple angles with minimal edge distractions. The TV may only have a 24-inch width but magical when viewing design. This smart TV has an inbuilt HDMI, plus the resolution can increase up to 1366 x768 P. So expect nothing but real and clear images from this smart TV. If you want to share or integrate this TV with other intelligent devices, it is possible.

With the inbuilt HDMI, you need to connect with the other device and start to enjoy. So, if you want to listen to your favorite music or watch a channel while cooking in the kitchen, the TV will do. This TV can either be mounted or placed on a TV console in terms of installation.

Special features

  • This TV gives real-life image viewing
  • The TV has connectivity through HDMI, USB, and optical
  • It comes with one year warranty
  • This TV can be mounted too

NT North Tech 24″ LED HD Smart TV

NT North Tech

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If you prefer streaming your favorite channels or movies from other apps, this is the perfect 24 inch TV to consider. This TV supports multiple streaming apps like Netflix, Plex, YouTube, and Browsers. This smart TV Has an HD resolution that ensures you get perfect visuals with deep color contrast.

The browsing speed of this smart TV is commendable, making it easy for one to switch between the streaming apps. Other inbuilt features you get to enjoy from this smart TV are Wi-Fi and Stereo sound to ensure you get clear sounds and you can browse through different devices.

Special features

  • This smart TV features a slim design
  • Has an image contrast ratio of 3500:1
  • It has multiple connectivity options
  • The TV supports a variety of browsing apps

Norcent 24 Inch 720P LED HD Backlight Flat DVD Combo TV

Norcent Best 24 Inch Smart TVs

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Get fulfilling entertainment for you and your family from this smart TV. Not only does it support various streaming apps, but you can connect with your smart devices for more entertainment. Do you have small kids who can easily knock down the TV from the console? Well, this TV can be mounted on the wall for that extra safety.

This is all around family TV since it has a parental block setting in case you don’t want kids to access some channels. Some of the streaming platforms supported by this TV include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and Youtube for people who love watching music.

Special features

  • The resolution mode extends to 1280×720
  • This TV is equipped with backlit
  • Supports multiple internet apps
  • This TV has an inbuilt DVD player

SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV & Monitor


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This is a multifunctional smart TV you can use for watching, playing games, and you can transform it into a PC. The high definition design with a resolution of 1080P delivers the most quality and clear images you could ever get from TV. You don’t necessarily need to buy an external DVD to connect with this TV since it comes with an inbuilt DVD player.

This TV also has a slim style with small edges to offer excellent viewing from different angles. This smart TV has HDMI, USB, and AC ports to provide various connectivity modes.

Special features

  • The TV has both output and input modes
  • Has a resolution of up to 1080P
  • It features a slim design
  • It comes with an inbuilt DVD player


These are great family 24 inch smart TVs in the market. TVs are equipped with multiple features to suit different viewers. They support different internet browsing apps to access other channels and streams not available on the TV. These TVs can either be placed on a stand or mounted on the wall.